Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Job Fair" Deleted Scene #2

"Goodbye Toby" Cold Opening

This video is the cold open scene from next week's finale - "Goodbye Toby". Don't hit play if you don't want to see!

Jenna Fischer in "The Promotion" Trailer

Friday, May 9, 2008

Season 4 - Episode 13 - Job Fair

NBC aired May 8th 2008's episode entitled: "Job Fair".

Writers: Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg
Director: Tucker Gates

Jim (John Krasinski)hits the links with Andy (Ed Helms) and Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) to try and land his biggest client ever. Meanwhile, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) sets up a booth at a local job fair, which happens to be at Pam's (Jenna Fischer)alma mater, to find "the best and the brightest" for Dunder-Mifflin's summer internship.

This post will keep getting update as information about this episode is released/updated.

It's time to start the discussion! Head over HERE and let's talk it up. What did you like? What didn't you like? Favorite Quotes? Favorite moments? Overall episode grade? Let us know HERE!

"Job Fair" News Items:
TwoCents Review, Job Fair Conference Room, Cool Guy Paul's Cool Quotes, SBO Interview with Trevor Einhorn

Deleted Scenes: 1, 2, 3, 4

Watch Entire Episode, Two-Minute Replay

Head over HERE and let's talk it up. What did you like? What didn't you like? Favorite Quotes? Favorite moments? Overall episode grade? Let us know HERE!

Jenna Fischer on Tonight Show 5/8/08

Cool Guy Paul's "Cool Quotes"

Paul Faust, yes THE Paul Faust, has agreed to do an exclusive weekly column for us here at the ScrantonBranchOffice. What did Cool Guy Paul think was well said this week in the "Job Fair" episode?

Here are my top 5 favorite quotes from the episode:

"Wanna get some fresh blood...euthanize this place" - Michael
"Kids are very wary of being lured these days....thanks Dateline" - Michael
"We're gonna ditch this in" - Creed
"Pam hottie....she will do you" - Michael
Yeah..kiss her...kiss her good" - Michael

Check back next week to see what Cool Guy Paul thought of the Season 4 Finale!

"Job Fair" Conference Room

It's that time!

Some of your favorite Office Fan-Sites have given their opinions on the latest episode. This time we're talking about "Job Fair".

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Favorite Moment: Creed leading the gang to freedom
Favorite Quote: Pam: "I guess I could have just had them fax it to me."
Overall Episode Grade: C

Laura Ann
Favorite Moment: Pam going into the art room to see if they still had her painting up.
Favorite Quote: "Ohmygod! You look JUST like Barack Obama. Heehee! I'm dating Barack Obama!!"-Kelly AND "So many memories in this old gym...pretending to have PMS so I didn't have to play volleyball....pretending to have PMS so I didn't have to play basketball. Lots of memories."-Pam
Overall Episode Grade: B

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was when Andy drove his golf cart into the sand trap!
Favorite Quote: Creed: "Hiya Pumpkin, it's Creed. So we're gonna ditch this bitch. You in?"
Overall Episode Grade: A+

Favorite Moment: Pam and Oscar showing Michael their "excited" faces. Plus the PB&J at the end, but that's just a given.
Favorite Quote: Michael: "Today I'm heading over to the job fair at
Valley View high school to find some new interns. I wanna get some
fresh blood. Um, euthanize this place."
Overall Episode Grade: B-

Favorite Moment: Jim's, "You know what? Screw this!" aand cue the kissing! lol
Favorite Quote: Michael to Justin: "Hey, a handsome, funny, smart, funny-looking kid like you shouldn't limit himself. You could do whatever you want to do. You could be a classy janitor, a cashier with dignity, or a migrane worker. Maybe for you, paper should be more of a hobby".
Overall Episode Grade: A

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New Creed Thoughts

"I spent the rest of the night over at the grocery store sampling the candy in the bulk bins. They didn’t even hassle me about it. Not that I really keep track, but that may have been my best day ever."

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"Office" Mini Golf!!

You can play a little "Office" mini-golf online now! It's very exciting isn't it? Click HERE to tee-up!

Brian Baumgartner Talks about Webisodes and Finale

More Adventures with Angela from Kate and Creed and Ed

"Job Fair" Deleted Scene #1

"Job Fair" Two-Minute Replay

"Job Fair" TwoCents Review

The Office
"Job Fair"

Original Air Date: May 8, 2008

PG Ignacio - Associate Editor

When I heard about the title of tonight's episode and saw some of the previews, I was excited. I thought, "They could do so much with this episode." I was disappointed. It wasn't a terrible episode. It was just okay. However, the end of the episode was probably most important. Let's recap the episode.

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Watch Entire "Job Fair" Episode

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dwight for Vice President!

Question: What could be the best thing to happen to politics since the invention of the tie-tac?
Answer: Dwight as our Vice President.
Fact: In a recent interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, stated that his choice for running mate will be Dwight K. Schrute. Awesome.

Read the CNN article and watch the interview here...

Full Episodes on your iPhone

NBC has begun streaming full episodes of The Office on iPhones without commercial interruptions. Now wherever you go, Dunder Mifflin can follow. To read the announcement and instructions, go here.

BJ Novak on Conan O'Brien

BJN-LNw/CO 5-7-08

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Steve on SNL!

"Saturday Night Live" finishes its resurgent season with back-to-back shows in May featuring some of the biggest names around.

For SNL's Season Finale [May 17], the show will "Get Smart" with "Office" star Steve Carell at the helm. Carell returns for his second hosting stint. Carell is known to many from his work on the award-winning "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and his current starring role in NBC's Emmy winning "The Office," for which Carell has won a Golden Globe. Carell will soon be seen in the big screen adaptation of the classic TV comedy "Get Smart" June 20. Carell has starred in such hits as "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" (which he co-wrote with Judd Apatow), the award winning dark comedy "Little Miss Sunshine," "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," the romantic comedy "Dan in Real Life" and Carell leant his voice to the critically praised Dr. Seuss adaptation "Horton Hears a Who."

Also making his second SNL appearance alongside Carell is multiple Grammy Award-winning musical guest Usher. The pop superstar's current No. 1 single "Love In This Club" (his eighth No. 1 in the U.S.) is dominating the charts currently reigning as the No. 1 pop airplay single in the country and is certified platinum. The track is from his forthcoming album "Here I Stand" which is expected to follow in the footsteps of his previous blockbuster releases the 9-times-platinum "Confessions" and 4-times-platinum "8701"

Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer on Tonight Show

Jenna Fischer will be on The Tonight Show on May 8th and Rainn Wilson will show up on May 14th.

Rainn Wilson's "Rock Star" Trailer

It's finally online!

Yahoo movies has the trailer and you can check it out by clicking HERE.

Watch close and not only will you see Rainn Wilson and Teddy Geiger, but Will Arnett and Fred Armisen are in there too!

What do you guys think? Will this bomb or rock?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Did I Stutter" Deleted Scene #3

Rainn Wilson Hollywood Reporter Interview

The Hollywood Reporter did a fun video with some Emmy worthy guys and Rainn Wilson was among the guest list.

"Does David Spade watch "Rules of Engagement?" And what two sci-fi juggernauts can't Rainn Wilson do without?

Check out our exclusive interviews with Spade, Wilson and all these buzzworthy Emmy actors -- Mark Harmon, Ted Danson, Bryan Cranston, Neil Patrick Harris and Blair Underwood -- as they reveal which shows keep them glued to their TV's."

Click HERE for the video.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Kinsey is Here!

The Office family just got bigger: According to a blog posted this morning by Kate Flannery (Meridith), Angela Kinsey has finally become a mommy. The baby's name is Isabel and both mother and daughter are doing great. Congratulations to the family!

Now maybe we can find out if Schrutes do, indeed, produce thirsty babies.

Update: is reporting the birth.
"Weighing 6 lbs., 14 oz., Isabel Ruby Lieberstein was born at 12:50 p.m. Saturday. Among those at the hospital were Kinsey's mother, Bertie Kinsey, and the actress's friend and castmate Jenna Fischer, according to Kinsey's rep, Tess Finkle."

E!'s Watch with Kristin's Office Spoilers

Or are they? If you're brave, you decide. :)

Melora Shares Tea with her Daughters

Our favorite website about Celebrities and their offspring,, has this beautiful photos of Melora Hardin attending a Mommy Day Tea Party with her daughters.

Click HERE to see more.

Craig Robinson's Crib

The Chicago Tribune recently ran an article with Craig Robinson where he discusses his living situation, movies and of course "The Office"!

"Robinson is the antithesis of Hollywood when it comes to his one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment just outside of Culver City in Los Angeles. "I'm keeping it very simple at this time," he said. "It's so not swanked-out. You know what it is? It's like, OK, I'm not at home a lot, I don't chill at my apartment a lot, and one of these days I'm gonna clean it up and get out of there. That's pretty much what it is."

Click HERE to read the article.