Thursday, July 24, 2008

Russian Office!!

"UK sitcom format The Office is continuing its global growth, with Russia being the latest country to make a local version.

Russian prodco Red Square has been commissioned to make a 24-episode series for Channel One.

Under the editorial supervision of BBC Worldwide's executive producer Duncan Cooper, the broadcaster has acquired the rights to develop new story lines beyond the original 13 scripts."

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Oscar and Kate Discuss Office Trivia

NBC just sent this to me to share with you all. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rainn Wilson on CNN

Rainn Wilson was at CNN to do THIS ARTICLE and THIS INTERVIEW for their website, and while he was there, he thought he'd try his hand at a side job...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

TheTwoCents Talks with Mindy Kaling and Brian Baumgartner

Recently our parent site,, had the opportunity to talk with Brian Baumgartner and Mindy Kaling about their upcoming projects and about trips to Scranton they are both making soon.

My favorite part of talking with them may have been their interaction with each other. They did most of the interview for us!


TheTwoCents: Okay, how you guys doing today? Thanks for being with us.

Brian Baumgartner: Thank you.

Mindy Kaling: Thanks.

TheTwoCents: It’s been almost a year since we’ve all been in Scranton and I know Mindy that you’re heading back there and Brian I hear rumors you might stop in a little bit later this month too. What are you guys looking forward to going back to see again or maybe didn’t get to experience the first time?

Mindy Kaling: I’m just ready for the food. The entire time we were there we toured all of like the different competing hotdog places and stuff but I never got to have any food. So what I’m hoping is I’ll have like 20 minutes to sit down and like eat a lobster with a bib on like Scranton people. That’s like kind of the most exciting for me.

Brian Baumgartner: I heard they’re actually, Mindy, they’re not allowing you to eat when you’re there.

Mindy Kaling: No, is that part of my contract, not eating?

Brian Baumgartner: That was part of it. There’s no eating, you must work the entire time. That’s what NBC has dictated. Sorry about that.

Mindy Kaling: This is the worst.

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Speaking of Awards - EMMY NOMS!

In case you've been under a rock like me, here are the Office Emmy Nominations. The awards will be handed out Sept 21st on ABC.

Outstanding Comedy Series
The Office • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal Media Studios
Producers TBD

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series
The Office • Money (Parts 1 & 2) • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal Media Studios
Paul Lieberstein, Director

The Office • Goodbye, Toby • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal edia Studios
Paul Feig, Director

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series
The Office • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal Media Studios
Steve Carell as Michael Scott

Outstanding Picture Editing For A Comedy Series (single Or Multi-camera)
The Office • Goodbye, Toby • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal Media Studios
Dean Holland, Editor
Dave Rogers, Editor

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (half-hour) And Animation
The Office • Local Ad • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal Media Studios
Ben Patrick, C.A.S., Production Mixer
John W. Cook II, Re-Recording Mixer
Peter J. Nusbaum, Re-Recording Mixer

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series
The Office • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal Media Studios
Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute

Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series
The Office • Dinner Party • NBC • Deedle Dee Productions, Reveille LLC, Universal Media Studios
Lee Eisenberg, Written By
Gene Stupnitsky, Written By

Oscar Nunez Nominated

Oscar Nunez has been nominated for an ALMA award which recognizes Latinos' contributions to entertainment.


Jake T. Austin, Wizards of Waverly Place
Joshua Gomez, Chuck
Carlos Mencia, Mind of Mencia
Oscar Nuñez, The Office
Johnny A. Sanchez, MADtv
Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men


The Return of Karen Filippelli???

TVSquad is sending in this report from the NBC Press Meetings...

"As for the multiple ideas from Daniels and Schur, Silverman said that "they came up with two ideas, one which is totally a spinoff which they're pursuing planted inside, using Office characters, and there was a parallel concept that's stylistically like The Office, but not part of the Office world." They and Poehler thought she was a better fit with the latter, so that's where the concentration of Daniels and Schur is at the moment.

But it doesn' t mean that the direct spin-off is dead. When asked about Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones during the post-panel scrum, Silverman mentioned that they're both part of what he said are the "Greg Daniels players," and said that Jones in particular would likely come back in the direct spin-off. That means we'll probably see more of Karen Filippelli. Does that mean we're going to see the workings of the Dunder-Mifflin Utica branch, where she landed the job as the regional manager? Or will she be somewhere else? Only time will tell."

Rainn Wilson Chilling with Craig

CBS just announced their upcoming guest list for Craig Ferguson - a part of it would be the star of "The Rocker" - Rainn Wilson!

Friday, August 1 Actor Rainn Wilson; comedian Cory Kahaney; music by The Hold Steady

Set those DVRs folks!

Stanley Stepping Out

Recently NBC had its "All Star" Press Convention in Hollywood. Our man Leslie David Baker showed up! Here he is with some of the lovely ladies from "Friday Night Lights" and other NBC Stars!

(L to R)Connie Britton; Adrianne Palicki; Leslie David Baker; Minka Kelly; Christian Slater; Selma Blair; Ben Silverman, Co-Chairman, NBC

Also: Kate and Oscar were a part of the agenda...

3:30-4 p.m.: Kate Flannery and Oscar Nunez from "The Office" host a combination smoothie break and demonstration of the new "Office" trivia game.
Read the whole thing HERE.

[NBC Photo: Trae Patton]

New Webisode - Malone's Cones

Click HERE to Download Malone's Cones Flavors!

Angela Heading to Monk??

Don't worry - she's not leaving DunderMifflin. Angela Kinsey is heading over to Monk for it's 100th episode!

"Eric McCormack, Howie Mandel, Sarah Silverman, Sharon Lawrence and Angela Kinsey are to appear in the 100th episode of "Monk," USA Network has announced."

Read more HERE.

Hold the Phone! Amy Poehler ISN'T in Office Spinoff! got the scoop right from NBC Chairman Ben Silverman!

"TVWeek: What’s happening with “The Office” spinoff and Amy Poehler?
Mr. Silverman: So here’s where we’re at. Obviously, Amy is somebody that shows up once in a blue moon, you know what I mean? And it’s so perfect coming out of the NBC family, but also in the great tradition of what Tina Fey is, what Steve Carrell is, what Jason Lee is, what Alec Baldwin is—these kind of movie/TV stars. We have these performers who hit beyond the medium, and who operate in a kind of cultural milieu, not just in a performance milieu. Mike Schur and Greg Daniels had a relationship with her and Mike actually had a really strong one from his work with Will Arnett when Mike was on “Arrested Development,” and then through his relationship with Amy directly when he was on “Saturday Night Live.” The opportunity to grab her was so exciting. Now the other side of it is that she’s pregnant. So you know the timing of when we can bring her show to air may not fall into the same timing we were trying to hit for a spinoff. (Editor’s note: NBC had planned to premiere an “Office” spinoff after the Super Bowl in February.) So that’s kind of opened up some timing questions, because obviously you wait for Amy to have her baby.

TVWeek: So you’re not doing a spinoff of “The Office”?
Mr. Silverman: No—we’re also going to be pursuing an “Office” spinoff as well, but right now, for the moment, Greg and Mike are focused on this show, which is more in the kind of style of “The Office,” but it’s not like the Jeffersons appeared in “All in the Family.” Do you know what I mean? Her character—which is something we’re still working on and developing—but you get it."

Read it all HERE.

Scranton Times Tribune Trivia

A roving reporter asks people of Scranton questions from the new Office Trivia Game!

Mindy Kaling in Scranton for GAMES!!

The Pocono Record reports:

"More than 100 people came out for the event to meet ditsy office worker Kelly Kapoor from their favorite show. Some were dressed as their favorite character while others were proudly wearing a Dunder Mifflin T-shirt.

Kaling was able to take some time out of her busy day of fun to answer some questions about the show.

What's better, the acting or the writing?

"I love them both. I like the acting because you get treated like a princess with hair and makeup. With writing, you can come in and dress like a total slob and no one cares. The writing is one of the best experiences."

Read the whole article HERE.

YES!!! .... TOBY!!!

According to the NY Times, Paul Lieberstein got married this past weekend!

"Janine Serafin Poreba, a daughter of Elizabeth Poreba and John Poreba of New York, was married on Saturday evening to Paul Lieberstein, a son of Judith Lieberstein and Stanley Lieberstein of Westport, Conn. The Rev. Dr. James G. Speer, a Presbyterian minister, officiated at Battery Gardens, a restaurant in New York, and Rabbi Ari Fridkis participated in the ceremony."

Read all about it on the NY Times or LITO.

Craig Robinson is there Just For Laughs

The site, Hollywood Today, filed this report about Craig Ferguson and Craig Robinson's performances at the comedy festival.

"Elvira Kurt never slept with Ferguson, despite his buoyant assertion, as he brought her on stage. She came out dressed, as she put it as “a tiny gay businessman.” She gave a scathing dissection of relationships when they reach that point when neither party knows enough to leave one alone.

Craig Robinson of ‘The Office” fame, on keyboard and on cue, seems to exemplify this tendency, by parlaying a single line “take your panties off, into a riotous session of audience participation. As Robinson told Hollywood Today, “The Office made all of this possible. I was here ten years ago and now, I’m playing to sold out crowd. TV does wonders,” he concludes."

Read the whole article HERE.