Monday, July 21, 2008

Hold the Phone! Amy Poehler ISN'T in Office Spinoff! got the scoop right from NBC Chairman Ben Silverman!

"TVWeek: What’s happening with “The Office” spinoff and Amy Poehler?
Mr. Silverman: So here’s where we’re at. Obviously, Amy is somebody that shows up once in a blue moon, you know what I mean? And it’s so perfect coming out of the NBC family, but also in the great tradition of what Tina Fey is, what Steve Carrell is, what Jason Lee is, what Alec Baldwin is—these kind of movie/TV stars. We have these performers who hit beyond the medium, and who operate in a kind of cultural milieu, not just in a performance milieu. Mike Schur and Greg Daniels had a relationship with her and Mike actually had a really strong one from his work with Will Arnett when Mike was on “Arrested Development,” and then through his relationship with Amy directly when he was on “Saturday Night Live.” The opportunity to grab her was so exciting. Now the other side of it is that she’s pregnant. So you know the timing of when we can bring her show to air may not fall into the same timing we were trying to hit for a spinoff. (Editor’s note: NBC had planned to premiere an “Office” spinoff after the Super Bowl in February.) So that’s kind of opened up some timing questions, because obviously you wait for Amy to have her baby.

TVWeek: So you’re not doing a spinoff of “The Office”?
Mr. Silverman: No—we’re also going to be pursuing an “Office” spinoff as well, but right now, for the moment, Greg and Mike are focused on this show, which is more in the kind of style of “The Office,” but it’s not like the Jeffersons appeared in “All in the Family.” Do you know what I mean? Her character—which is something we’re still working on and developing—but you get it."

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