Saturday, March 1, 2008

Scranton St. Patrick's Parade Info

I just got this from my contact at the Scranton Convention...

"We've updated the Convention site with more info about Andy Buckley's appearance on the 15th. We're also really excited to announce that we've worked with the NBC store to get our hands on some exclusive, 100% official "Dunder Mifflin: as green as we need to be" T-Shirts. They're being produced by the NBC store, so you can expect the quality of the shirts to be the same as the stuff you'd get from them. The shirts are only available through the convention store or in person at the parade; we've got a flat $2.50 shipping, but if anyone wants them to wear at the parade we've got an in-person option. Please note that the shirts won't ship in time for the parade, so if anyone is coming, they'll want to select that."

Clic HERE to order a shirt.

To go to the Convention's Site and read about Andy Buckley's (CFO CFO CFO) visit.