Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Dundies" Official Description / Discussion

NBC has released the story line for September 20th's episode entitled: "Dinner Party".

I'm posting it in the comments section, so if you want to look - go click HERE.

I'll be adding descriptions of all the episodes eventually for us to DISCUSS, so start looking for links on the episodes and chime in with your thoughts on all of them! Sound good? GOOD!

If you don't want to know - stay away and then come back after the episode ends to share your thoughts!

Season 2 - Episode 1 - The Dundies

On September 20, 2005 we all won a tiny dundie, unfortunately only Ryan could win the Hottest in the office.

Writer: Mindy Kaling
Director: Greg Daniels

On employee awards night, Michael writes and emcees the show and picks the winners---but doesn't pick up the tab. - TV Guide

"The Dundies" News Items:
Interview with Christopher T. Wood (Chili's Manager)