Friday, October 17, 2008

Help Wanted

From the HR Desk:

Who out there loves The Office? Well, Scranton Branch Office would really love your help! Here is the scoop: We need more staff members... People willing to cover specific areas who look for and subsequently post stories on SBO. It's an easy gig - all you have to do is when, in your normal day of surfing, you come across a post-worthy story, just throw it up onto the site. That's it! (I'll teach you how to do it!) And if you find a story that is not in your regular area of coverage, just shoot it in an email to the person covering that area. Easy-peasy. Areas already covered are: Awards, Conference Room, Episode Specific, Merchandise, and Miscellaneous (If there is a category you think we should ADD, let me know and we'll do it, too!).The following is the current list what areas are still open...

MySpace Posts: OPEN Updates: OPEN
Outside Projects: OPEN

Please, if you love The Office, give SBO a little love, too. Just email us at Even if you don't want to cover a specific area, you can still shoot story idea emails our way! We'll have special buttons on the site soon for that specific purpose. Let me know if you have any questions!


Scranton Branch Office Head Editor


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