Friday, April 25, 2008

ScrantonBranchOffice Exclusive Interview with Dwight's "Night Out" Date!

Cassie Fliegel is the lucky actress who was picked of all the basketball team to make-out with one Mr. Dwight K. Schrute during April 24th's episode of "The Office" entitled "Night Out".

I caught up with Cassie after the episode aired to get her thoughts on everything about the episode - acting, trailers and of course the big kissing scene!

ScrantonBranchOffice: Could you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you got your start in the "biz"?
Cassie Fliegel: Sure, I moved to LA after graduating from Harvard (2006), to pursue a career in film and television. I had done a lot of theater back in Boston, but had to start from scratch when I got to California. You know, doing background work to get my vouchers, acting in student films to add to my reel, sending out headshots and resumes to agencies, etc. Eventually I landed an agent and got some smaller parts in films, television, commercials, infomercials, all that good stuff...

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"Night Out" Deleted Scene #2

Rainn Wilson on "Conversations with Michael Eisner"

Below are excerpts from "Conversations With Michael Eisner" on CNBC, which will broadcast Monday, April 28 at 9 PM ET and rebroadcast at Midnight ET. Guest: Rainn Wilson, star of NBC's "The Office."

RAINN WILSON: My wife and I-- at the time we were just boyfriend/girlfriend. We decided our brilliant idea was to start a dog walking service-- called Tails of New York.

MICHAEL EISNER: Clever title.


MICHAEL EISNER: You-- you were good with titles. Like, I know, you had a moving-- what was your moving company called? Transcendental-

RAINN WILSON: Transcendent Moving Company, yeah.

MICHAEL EISNER: --go back to the dogs.

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Good-Bye Toby Blog! isn't hiding anything. They've announced that on May 15th they will be having a Goodbye Toby Live Blog with Toby himself - Paul Lieberstein!

You can leave comments there already. Go HERE to see more info.

Season 4 - Episode 11 - Night Out

April 24, 2008's episode is entitled: "Night Out".

Writer: Mindy Kaling
Director: Ken Whittingham

Michael and Dwight decide to surprise Ryan in New York for a night of clubbing and meet his friends. Meanwhile, the Scranton branch is upset when they find out
they have to come in on a Saturday for Ryan's website project. Jim's plan to save them has unexpected results.

"Night Out" News Items:
The Office Conference Room (feedback from Office Fan-Sites)
Deleted Scenes: 1, 2, 3
NBC's "Night Out" Photo Album, Watch the Entire Episode on Hulu, NBC's Two-Minute Recap

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John Krasinski is in Connecticut!

My home state is hosting the filming of the new Sam Mendes film starring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph.

They don't have a title for the movie yet, but it's busy filming! Looks like John gets to keep his shaggy hair for this one.

Photo from The Wilton Bulletin.

Michael Schur to be on Costas Now

HBO's sports program, "Costas Now" is going to be LIVE on Tuesday, April 29th at 10pm.

One of the segments has to do with blogs and their place in sports. Michael Schur will be part of a video taped segment as a part of the discussion!

Be sure to tune in to check it out!

Angela's Baby Advice from Craig Robinson and Mindy Kaling

Creed Thoughts - April 24, 2008

Creed has not let us down, yet again! He's come through and written his weekly blog!

"A lot of blue-collar guys have toolkits to help them do their jobs. The kits got whatever tools they need to get their jobs done – hammers, screwdrivers, jaws of life, etc. As a guy that doesn’t build things or fix things, you might think that I don’t need a toolkit, but you’d be wrong. I have my own kit that I carry around with me every day and I’ve pared it down over the years to just the bare essentials."

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"Night Out" Photo Album

Some great shots over at's Office site!

"Night Out" Deleted Scene #1

"Night Out" Conference Room

In the Conference Room, we ask some of the best Office fan sites what they think about each episode and leave their comments here. If you want to chime in with your favorite quotes, moments, etc. please feel free over HERE.

Here's what some of your favorite Office fan sites think about last night's "Dinner Party". We'll update as more results come in!

Favorite Moment: The fact that Creed was right knowing the Security Guard's name.
Favorite Quote: "Son of a bitch." - Hank
Overall Episode Grade: B-
Quick Thoughts: I HATE the Ryan is a coke fiend angle. They really don't know WHAT to do with that character do they?

Favorite Moments: When Toby finally hit his limit with his Pam-crush and put his hand on her knee, only to be met with everyone's stunned looks, including Pam's. He then "snaps", announces he is going to Costa Rica, and runs out, jumping over the fence to jog home.
Favorite Quote: Ryan: "I think my friend Troy might have a drug problem". Dwight: "I think his species might have a higher tolerance than ours".
Overall Episode Grade: B

Favorite Moment: Toby's hand on Pam's leg, Michael gets a peanut butter shampoo
Favorite Quote: Michael: I don't feel like peanut butter. Get me an ice cream sandwich!
Overall Episode Grade: B-

Favorite Moments: When Toby put his hand on Pam's knee like it was a normal reaction for him and then jumped the fence.
Favorite Quote: Michael Scott: This place is like a sexy preschool.
Overall Episode Grade: B-

Favorite Moments: Pam throwing the football into Meredith's head, Toby putting his hand on Pam's knee & everyone's reactions.
Favorite Quote: "First question, HOW DARE YOU."-Kelly
Overall Episode Grade: B+

If you want to chime in with your favorite quotes, moments, etc. please feel free over HERE.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

SBO Exclusive Interview With Drew Powell

I recently had a quick second to chat with Drew Powell who played the bartender/waiter from Poor Richard's Pub in the "Local Ad" episode of "The Office" this season.

In keeping up with our quest to learn all about the people who make "The Office" special I asked him to give us a little 411 on who he is. Here's what he had to say:

ScrantonBranchOffice: How long have you been working in the 'biz'?
Drew Powell: I've been an actor all my life but a "professional" for the last 9 years. I've been blessed to have had a lot of varied and interesting roles over my career so far.

SBO: Were you a fan of the show before you got the role?
DP: I was a huge fan of the BBC version of "The Office" and therefore was VERY suspect of this new American version. I boycotted it for the first season but eventually gave in and have been a fan ever since.

SBO: What was it like to be in a show you were a fan of?
DP: It was great fun to be in a show that I'm such a fan of. There were a few funny lines that didn't make it to air for various reasons, but it was great regardless.

SBO: Any chances we'll see "The Bartender" again?
DP: I'm hopeful that the producers and writers will see fit to bring my character back at some point. I mean, Poor Richards will no doubt continue to be the hang out for the folks of DM. I don't know, maybe a love triangle between Jim, Pam and the bartender who looks slightly like her old fiancee? I can see it!

SBO: What's coming up for you?
DP: I'll be on ER tonight! Thursday April 24th.

A HUGE thank you to Drew Powell for helping us to continue rounding out the Office world around us! Be sure to look for Drew tonight on ER after an all new "The Office"!

Rob Lowe Takes Tina Fey Hostage - Can Ricky Gervais Help?

Ok, so that's my thought on the hilarious new blog entry that Ricky Gervais has up on his site.

His quote for this photo?

"Here, Gervais, Fey and Lowe turn on the photographer. Look at my face. How brilliant do I think this is? I'm 46 by the way."

Click HERE to check out Ricky's blog and see more pictures of the Nerf Gun battle royale!

Jenna Fischer is Officially Sexy

The votes are in: Jenna Fischer comes in 83rd in FHM Magazine's 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll. The list, announced on April 23rd, stems from the largest poll in FHM history.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carell Tells Wired Magazine to Smarten-Up

In honor of the June 20th release of Get Smart, Steve Carell shared with Wired Magazine 12 ways to "Get Smarter." I think Michael Scott has already read the article.

"Steve Carell is no dummy. In fact, the man who plays hapless half-wit Michael Scott on NBC's The Office and equally hapless gumshoe Maxwell Smart in this summer's big-screen redo of Get Smart is nothing short of a genius — a genius wrapped in a doofus, hidden by an idiot."

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SBO Exclusive Interview with "Dinner Party" Cops!

I've been fortunate enough to chase down the two gentlemen who helped Michael finally leave Jan.

I recently chatted with Gary Weeks (Cop 1) and Steve Seagren (Cop 2). They were the duo who arrived to break up the "Dinner Party" on the Office episode of the same name.

Gary Weeks has been seen in everything from Major League 3: Back to the Minors, to The Kid to television shows including The O.C., Chuck, 24, Summerland, Veronica Mars and much more.

Steve Seagren has popped up in Yes,Dear, Still Standing, ER, Cold Case, Arrested Development, Elizabethtown, Curb Your Enthusiasm, My Name is Earl and many more shows.

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Rainn Wilson Takes Part in AMC's Guest Programmer Series

Turner Classic Movies (TCM), basic cable’s only classic movie network offering movies uncut and commercial free, is packing its 2008 programming slate with some of Hollywood ’s favorite talents. Oscar®- and Emmy®-winning actress Sally Field is among the many high-profile talents joining TCM host Robert Osborne for the monthly GUEST PROGRAMMER series. And Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Golden Globe® nominee Chris O’Donnell (Scent of a Woman) are teaming up to host the new movie showcase TCM ESSENTIALS JR.

Other 2008 projects for TCM include a new interview series hosted by film critic and interviewer Elvis Mitchell, entitled TCM PRESENTS ELVIS MITCHELL: UNDER THE INFLUENCE; a tribute to Frank Sinatra, presented in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of his death in May; an October documentary featuring renowned animator Chuck Jones discussing memories from his storied childhood; and a new edition of PRIVATE SCREENINGS, featuring a conversation between Osborne and veteran movie producer Walter Mirisch. In June, TCM devotes the month to examining Asian images in film, the third installment in its exploration of race in Hollywood .

“Our 2008 slate takes TCM to a whole new level, both in terms of the caliber of talent featured and the depth with which we are going to examine the art of filmmaking and the social issues influencing and influenced by cinema,” said Charles Tabesh, senior vice president of programming for TCM. “We look forward to bringing these exciting projects to classic movie fans of all ages.”

The following are highlights of upcoming programming on TCM:


Each month on this movie showcase, TCM invites a celebrity to exchange star status for a role as a devoted fan of classic film by picking a few favorite movies and sharing with viewers what he or she has come to love about each one. Upcoming stars featured on the showcase include acclaimed actor Tim Roth (May), talk-show host and humorist Bill Maher (June), Oscar- and Emmy-winning actress Sally Field (July), Oscar-nominated director John Singleton (September) and The Office co-star Rainn Wilson (October).

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Did Someone Mention...

... a ferris wheel?

Does JAM Attract Sharks?

I received an email from Doug at, he says:

" -- has a raging bargument underway: If Jim proposes to Pam, will it ruin "The Office?" Your readers are the experts. They should vote!

So, what DO you think? Before you head over there to vote, leave a comment here about WHY you're voting!

In case you want to see it again, and who doesn't, here's this week's suprising moment...

"Chair Model" Deleted Scene #2

"The Office" Ratings Continue to Excel

The Hollywood Reporter writes about the ratings surge "The Office" has been having lately.

"NBC's "The Office" topped the Thursday night ratings as the comedy's heavy-hitter competitors aired repeats.

Pulling one of its highest ratings of the season, "The Office" (9.8 million viewers, 4.9 preliminary adults 18 to 49 rating and a 13 share) matched its return to original episodes last week while "Scrubs" grew slightly (7.3 million, 3.7/10) given the decreased competition. "ER" was on par (7.7 million, 3.1/9)."

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Leslie David Baker Thanks Teachers

Business Wire has this nice article about the California teacher of the year and how Leslie David Baker helped to celebrate her.

"Andee Aceves isn’t your typical third grade school teacher. She doesn’t come from a family of teachers and she didn’t decide to become a teacher until she was in her 30s. Now she is one of California’s Teachers of the Year for 2008.

The award was presented to Aceves by actor Leslie David Baker, who plays Stanley Hudson on the hit sit-com, “The Office.” Baker, a former teacher, said while presenting the award, he is thankful that there are teachers like Andee Aceves and that the children in her classroom are lucky to have her to show them the way."