Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Bobby Ray Shafer Blog

If a man is only as good as the company he keeps, Mr. Bobby Ray Shafer must be one great guy! His new MySpace blog discusses his family ties to Keith Urban, as well as his new year's resolution to appreciate what he has. Check it out his appreciative words here...

Thanks again, Katie!

New Blog from Kate!

Kate Flannery already has a busy new year planned! Her new MySpace blog gives the dates of her upcoming shows with her comedy duo, The Lampshades! Check out the information here...

And look for Oscar Nunez at a few of the shows, too!

Thanks to Katie for the info!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens vs. Rainn

DreamWorks’ 3D Monsters vs. Aliens features the voice of our very own beet farmer, Rainn Wilson.

Opening nationwide March 27, 2009, Monsters vs. Aliens tells the story of a girl who gets clobbered by a meteor on her wedding day and grows to 49-feet-11-inches tall. Then, a mysterious alien robot lands on Earth and begins storming the country. Of course.

Actors lending their voices to the project include Will Arnett, Seth Rogen, Stephen Colbert, and Paul Rudd.

For more information on the film, go here...

Stupnitsky & Eisenberg go back to Year One

Harold Ramis' new biblical comedy The Year One (based on an original idea by Ramis with the screenplay by The Office scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg) is scheduled to open in June.

To get a early look at the film and inside scoop on the cast and artistic crew, visit this article at

And a side note: Stupnitsky and Eisenberg will be working with Ramis again real soon... they are currently writing the new Ghostbusters movie!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Sale For The New Year

There's a great sale going on at the store!

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Roxie Rocks Chicago with YOU!

Got some Holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket? Love Melora Hardin? Well...

Melora is offering a personal VIP package to see her in her Broadway Debut of Chicago, including an invite to a private party with her after the show!

For more info and prices, visit the press release here...

Thanks to Erin of for the heads-up!

Opening Night Photos

Here are some pictures from Melora's Broadway Debut in Chicago on opening night for your viewing pleasure.

To see more, visit!

Melora's MySpace Blog

Melora Hardin has posted a new MySpace blog in celebration of her Broadway debut!

The Chicago star gives information about a trip package available to fans who want to see the show, including a meet-and-greet with Melora!

For more info, check out her blog here...

As always, thanks Katie!

Angela's Holiday Video

Adventures With Angela - Jenna is a Tree Fluffer?