Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dwight Knows About Grizzlies!!

Well, the Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Team know him anyway!

They had a game dedicated to Dwight and Johnny Drama from "Entourage" during their August 15th game!

"These two personalities have brought laughter to television audiences across the country and the Grizzlies will find out on August 15th which character fans relate to and like most."

Read more HERE.

No iTunes? Try Hulu!

What's Hulu you ask?

Good question! NBC is hoping you'll want to find out.

Hulu is going to be a free video site (a network version of YouTube you might say) that NBC is helping set up. You can read about it HERE or HERE.

Michael Scott a Classic "Bad Boss"?

The Baltimore Sun thinks so.

In a story about bad bosses, that mentions Ebenezer Scrooge and Mr. Burns, they have this to say:

"Perhaps the most popular contemporary incarnation of the classic "bad boss" is Michael Scott, the regional manager of Dunder-Mifflin on NBC's The Office. A lawsuit featuring Mr. Scott would no doubt be entertaining, as the show is, but when half the courtroom thinks "That's what she said" jokes and blow-up doll gags are hilarious, the best you could hope for is a hung jury (That's what she said)."

Read the whole thing HERE.

The Sacramento Bee Loves The New Dunder Mifflin Site

Yup. Who doesn't?

"Cube chic: Fans of the U.S. version of "The Office" now have another on-the-clock time- waster. A new Dunder Mifflin site ( offers a glimpse into the inner workings of the world's most famous fictional paper company."

Check it out here.

MSNBC Can't Wait For "The Office"

MSNBC has posted an article about fall shows that they can't wait to come back.

Our little show that could is atop their list!

"‘The Office’ is taking care of business
I often work long days on Thursdays, which isn’t all bad. There’s very little traffic by the time I haul myself onto the freeway, and when I finally arrive home, there’s a new episode of “The Office” all queued up on the TiVo. The show reminds me how good I have it compared to the sad sacks at Dunder-Mifflin."

Read more HERE.

Did You Know Creed Has A REAL Webpage?

No, not the character - the MAN!

Creed Bratton has all kinds of personal information about himself on his home page.

You can check it out HERE.

What Would You Do Alone in "The Office"?

That's what a fan on FanPop is asking!

You can vote for things like change Andy's cellphone ring, steal Meredith's booze or even steal Dwight's Bobblehead!

You can check it out HERE.

Creed in EW!

Entertainment Weekly has a list of their favorite on-screen slackers.

You'll find the usual, Ferris Bueller, Spicoli, Homer Simpson etc. but a nice little addition? Our boy Creed! It's more proof that EVERYONE loves Creed!

The Office

Dunder Mifflin's bizarre Quality Assurance rep's talents include eating at his desk, identifying strains of cannabis, and stealing things. They do not include assuring quality — in season 3, his negligence led to an obscene watermark scandal. He also has a blog (slacker sirens just went off!) called Creed Thoughts that NBC keeps updated regularly, even though on Creed's computer, it was just a Word doc with a Web address at the top. — Annie Barrett

MORE Office Convention News!!

The "Party Planning Committee" in Scranton has added two new events to their list they posted the other day.

One is the Dunder Mifflin Stockholders Meeting presented by the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce (Sunday, October 28). This would be a fun presentation I would have to guess!

The other is a little more interesting to fans of TheTwoCents!!

Bloggers' Breakfast (Sunday, October 28)!!

That's right! And guess who is a part of it? US! will be a part of the Blogger's Breakfast! So, if you're going to Scranton - we finally get to meet!

So, I'm dying to know - who IS going to Scranton? What do you think of this?

The Office Conference Room - "Women's Appreciation" (part 2)

The Conference Room is special today!

Last night NBC aired "Women's Appreciation". You can click HERE to get the feedback from your favorite Office fan sites from when the episode originally aired.

A constant contributor to TheTwoCents, FancyNewBeesly, visited the set the say they shot this episode and has filed the following story about her experience. Enjoy!

Laura Ann
TwoCents Guest Columnist

After being lead on the grand tour of The Office set & sitting at Pam Beesly's desk & stealing a "THIS MAN IS A PERVERT!" flyer from the wall I figured that my weekend in Los Angeles could not possibly get any better.

Then Bob (Bobby Ray Shafer who plays Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration) asked Sarah (founder of, Claudia, & I if we wanted to go get lunch. He drove us to a mall & we drove around the parking lot for about 10 minutes before we saw a row of trailers. We walked into the mall & Bob took us around in circles & it became apparent that he was looking for something. We did not know what. Finally, he saw someone & said,"Where is The Office?" The person pointed down a scary hallway that lead to a steel door. Bob opened it. It was definitely a "It's like Lost when they met the Others" Dwight Schrute moment. We walked out into a parking garage. All of a sudden in front of us out walked Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, Meredith Palmer, Angela Martin & Karen Fillipelli. They were all in costume & walking out of a shot. I saw that to my left was a small film crew. Someone yelled "Cut!" & it was time to go to lunch. A group of white vans came & picked everyone (including us!) up.

I was in the van with a couple of PA's & a few makeup & wardrobe ladies. We arrived at the trailers & there was the infamous buffet of FABULOUS food! As I stood there piling my plate with food I soaked in the entire scene. Behind me Rashida Jones had taken off her shoes & put on a pair of Uggs. A couple of the PA's were looking for Mindy Kaling. Jenna Fischer had put on a light jacket & was standing about 2 feet away from me. She was still in costume & really looked like she was still in Pam-mode so I didn't have a clue what to say. So I didn't say anything. Angela Kinsey was talking fast & loud to the chefs & Sarah motioned to me to look around. I turned & right across the table from me was Steve Carell joking about the prime rib. I heard a PA tell them that there was only 30 minutes for lunch so I made the decision not to bother any of them.

Sarah, Claudia, & I walked into one of the trailers & sat down with the cast & crew. It's true! They all really do eat together cafeteria style in a giant trailer. Phyllis Smith & Kate Flannery walked in & Phyllis sat next ot me & Kate across from me. They were absolutely adorable & very different from their characters. Phyllis is a sweetheart & very serious & personable. Kate is a bundle of energy & even though she was in Meredith clothes her personality made her bloody gorgeous! She's adorable & talkative & so much fun. When she realized who we were she got back up out of her seat & gave us all hugs & said how weird it was to see people in 3-D after seeing their pictures online all the time. Over on my far left I saw Gene Stupnitsky (writer) eating with the legendary Harold Ramis who directed the episode! I ate lunch in the same room as a Ghostbuster! :)

It was really fun to see everyone interact with each other because everyone called each other by their character names. Bob kept referring to Phyllis as his wife & that was too funny. One of the PA's came in & announced that lunch was over & that everyone was to go back to wherever they were supposed to be. Kate told us that she'd see us at Paley & definitely at her Lampshades show on Saturday. Phyllis said that she wanted pictures at Paley Fest later that night. We said 'goodbye' to everyone & Bob drove us back to our hotel. There are many words to describe that day & the weekend that followed but the only appropriate one is "dawesome."

Two Cents & Five Questions With...

... Ken Jeong, Actor

Dr. Kuni looked familiar to you in "Knocked Up" right? Well he should!

Dr. Kuni was played by Ken Jeong, who is known to Dunderheads as "Bill" from Michael's improv class! You know Bill! He was the fortune teller who Michael whispered to that he had a gun!

As we spend the summer looking to shine light on the people in the Office Universe, we were able to find Ken who spent some time with us to lend his Two Cents and Five Answers!


TwoCents: Please tell TheTwoCents readers a little about yourself and how you got your start in "show biz".
Ken Jeong: I started doing theater while in college, got into med school, turned to standup comedy, moved to LA after my residency, got on TV doing standup and ultimately got back into acting. I'm glad I got all that in one long run-on sentence.

TC: You have appeared in shows such as: "Crossing Jordan", "Grounded for Life" and recently in the film "Knocked Up". What path led you to "The Office" to play Bill in the "Email Surveillance" episode?
KJ: I owe it all to Allison Jones, the casting director of "The Office." She is one of the most amazing people in the business. Prior to the Office, she would bring me in to read for other shows she was casting and was always supportive. I ended up reading for director Paul Feig (co-creator of "Freaks & Geeks") and writer/producer Jennifer Celotta and got the part.

I still can't believe that I did the Office. I am such a huge fan of the show and it's still my favorite show on TV. It's really hard to adapt something like the BBC version which had such a loyal American fanbase (myself included) and make it its own. The US version is so good no one compares to the British version anymore. No small feat.

And from "The Office," Allison Jones invited me to read for Knocked Up, which she was casting. She's the best.

TC: In "Email Surveillance" you are a part of Michael's improv class. What experience did you have with improv before doing the show?
KJ: I was in an improv group many moons ago, and when I first moved to LA I took a few Groundlings classes. I definitely loved seeing Michael Scott always begin every scene with a gun. Anyone who's ever taken an improv class appreciates that bit.

TC: How much of the scenes of the improv class were actually improvised? How much was filmed that wasn't used? Steve Carell is known to be a fun improvisor. Did he do a lot on the set?
KJ: They would shoot the scenes as scripted the first few takes, and then we would improvise after that. Steve Carell is amazing. I was starstruck. I couldn't hold a straight face most of the time.

I think my favorite outtake was when Michael Scott was kicking me during an improv scene and calling me Jim, in reference to Jim not inviting him to his BBQ in the episode. Michael Scott taking his hostility for Jim out on me was awesome.

The scene where I say "Good job" to Michael and he says Good job, Bill... not" was improvised. And Paul Feig would let us shoot it many different times. Steve Carell did so many outtakes, each one different. "Good job Bill... for sucking the comedy out of the room." "Good job Bill... who stinks at improv." It took me all the strength I had not to laugh.

The Office was definitely my favorite TV appearance.

TC: What future projects do you have coming up that the fans can look for you in?
KJ: Knocked Up is still out in theaters. Judd Apatow (the director & writer) is a genius. Knocked Up was the most amazing project I've ever been a part of. Words can't describe how much I loved the experience. I owe my career to Knocked Up and Judd. I learned so much from those guys.

I have a role in Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen & James Franco (Judd is the producer), due out next summer. It's part stoner flick, part action movie. Someone described it as Knocked Up meets Reservoir Dogs. It will blow your mind.

I guest starred on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Boston Legal, and they will air in the fall.

I'm currently shooting a new film, All About Steve, starring Sandra Bullock, Thomas Haden Church, & Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers).

**TheTwoCents Bonus Question!!**
TC: If someone were to climb off a desert island and only have time to watch five movies to learn what American cinema is all about, what five movies would you show them?
KJ: Godfather II, Goodfellas, Borat, Spinal Tap & Knocked Up.

Many thanks go out to Ken Jeong for his time and for sharing his Two Cents & Five Answers with us!

Check back next week as we again shine the light on someone else from the "Office" Universe!

What Did YOU Do This Summer?

Well, I already know what Pam, Jim, Michael, Angela and everyone else in "The Office" was up to!


I watched NBC's new video tease for the new season.

Now, I can't stress this enough - if you're not a person who likes any kind of spoilers, you DON'T want to watch this video. But if you don't mind a little tease - this is for you!

The video is HERE.

FINALLY! Some Office Convention News!!


We've finally got an update from the Convention people in Scranton!

Check out

I've talked with some people in Scranton and although names of stars of the show are yet to be attached, we have a good feeling we won't be disappointed!

To: All Employees
From: Dunder-Mifflin Corporate Party Planning Committee
Date: August 29, 2007
Re: The Office Convention
Just a reminder that the October 26-28 company gathering is rapidly approaching. We're in talks with employees from all of our regional branches and everyone is very excited, especially the Scranton branch, who will be hosting the convention. At this time, we don't have a full list of who may be attending since it's right in the middle of Dunder-Mifflin's fall busy season, but we expect a lot of participation from our favorite employees.

We are, however, happy to announce many of the activities that we've already scheduled, and we are doing our best to encourage as large an attendance as possible. Here's a sampling of some of the planned activities:
Office Convention kick-off at the Radisson (5 p.m. Friday, October 26)
Street Festival (Saturday, October 27)
Office Olympics (Saturday, October 27)
Favorite character Halloween party (evening of Saturday, October 27)
Closing ceremonies and Dundee award presentations (Sunday, October 28)
Wardrobe display featuring a sampling of outfits worn by the cast
Screenings of episodes all weekend long at local theaters
Downtown guided trolley tours of 'familiar' Scranton sights
NBC Store locations, including very special surprises
Come join us in Scranton October 26th through 28th for a weekend you'll never forget (unless something out of our control happens).

The Dunder-Mifflin Corporate Party Planning Committee


Dunder Mifflin Newsletter Vol 9 # 1

Have you signed up yet to get emailed the Dunder Mifflin newsletter?

You know? The paper company from "The Office"?

Well, if you have, then you've received the first newsletter in your email in the past day or so.

If you haven't signed up, you can click HERE for a copy of the newsletter.

You don't want to miss it. Michael Scott tells you all about the 07/07/07 party they had and Dwight Schrute lays out his tips for summer safety!

Also on the "Office" front...

Have you been reading\creedthoughts? (Click on it for the REAL website.) Creed's musings crack me up every week.

Also, I've been told the organizers of the Office Convention in Scranton are getting close to announcing a jam packed schedule for the October Office weekend!

Friday, August 31, 2007


Call your Dunderhead friends!

The time has come! was busting at the seams with news from "The Office"!

Going into the new fall TV season, we thought it might make sense to break open a new branch of TheTwoCents specifically for our fans of "The Office" on NBC!

So, here we are! We will be looking for YOU to make this branch work. We really want you to share your TwoCents with us about "The Office". We only ask you don't post any kinds of spoilers here unless it's a specific spoiler post. Good? Good.

We will continue to post Office items on the main TheTwoCents, but more will be detailed here!

Look for more in the very near future!