Saturday, November 22, 2008


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Friday, November 21, 2008

Season 5 - Episode 8 - Frame Toby

November 20, 2008 will ask us to "Frame Toby".

Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2008
Writer: Mindy Kaling
Director: Jason Reitman

A mysterious person in the office has made a huge mess in the microwave and will not clean it up. Meanwhile, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) has to come to terms with the fact that there have been certain personnel changes in his staff without his knowing.

Let's get the discussion going HERE!

"Frame Toby" News Items:
Watch "Frame Toby" Online, Two-Minute Replay, Jim's Surprise Highlight, Producer's Cut

SBO Exclusives: SBO Recap & Review, Fansite Conference Room

Deleted Scenes: 1, 2

Check back for news as it becomes available.

"Frame Toby" - Deleted Scene #2

Aziz Ansari, Comedian

Don't recognize the name? Well, it will be common in your household very, very soon. Ansari was the first person cast for the oft-discussed The Office spin-off (which is not actually a spin-off but another comedy that will utilize The Office's documentary-style sitcom format).

An interview with Chicago Decider reveals some interesting things about the guy on the verge of super stardom. Including (dare we hope) some spoilers of the as-yet-untitled show.

To read the full interview, go here...


Who is a Big Screen Big Shot?

Steve Carell, that's who!

A recently published article in Variety points out Steve's budding mogul status and the success of his company Carousel Prods., which just landed a three-year, first-look deal with Warner Bros. Pictures.

Read the entire article here...

[photo: Steve Granitz/]

The Office Conference Room – "Frame Toby"

Welcome back to The Office Conference Room, a forum for some of your favorite Office Fan Sites to submit their TwoCents in the days immediately following a new Office episode.

In addition, YOU, the fans, can join in on the fun! Right here on ScrantonBranchOffice, we have a discussion going about the most recent episode, Frame Toby, where you can give your very own TwoCents about the episode! To visit that forum, click HERE.

On to the Conference Room... What will Michael do in episode eight of Season 5 when he realizes his arch nemesis has returned from Costa Rica? Apparently, he'll Frame Toby.

[Last Updated: 11/21/08 at 2:46 PM] Rachel
Favorite Quote: "I feel like I'm dying inside." -Michael
Favorite Moment: When Michael first sees Toby and when Dwight tells about his "perfect crime" at Tiffany's.
Overall Episode Grade: A-

NettesLayouts: Nette
Favorite Quote: "I feel like Neve Campbell in Scream 2. She thinks she can go off to college and be happy... And then, the murderer comes back. Starts killing off all of her friends. Learned a lot of lessons from that movie. This is just one of them." -Michael Scott
Favorite Moment: I just loved this episode! I loved the whole cops scene with Creed. I also loved when Pam realized that Jim bought the house for her and she gave him a big hug!
Overall Episode Grade: A

Flonkerton: Lauren
Favorite Quote: "What is my perfect crime? I break into
Tiffanie's at midnight. Do I go for the vault? No, I go for the
chandelier; it's priceless. As I'm taking it down, a woman catches me.
She tells me to stop, it's her father's business, she's Tiffanie..."
Favorite Moment: Michael's attempt to buy drugs; Ryan's right, he
probably never has done drugs.
Overall Episode Grade: B

MTT: Jenny
Favorite Quote: The entire monologue about Dwight and Tiffany
Favorite Moment: Pam standing in her new art studio. It was a bit cheesy, a bit fanfictionish, but totally well done.
Overall Episode Grade: A-

Fancy New Beesly: Laura Ann
Favorite Quote: "We could throw things down there..." -Creed
Favorite Moment: The entire sequence where Jim is first showing the cameras his house & is trying to rip the clown painting off the wall.
Overall Episode Grade: C

"Frame Toby" - Deleted Scene #1

"Frame Toby" Video Highlight - It's A NEW HOUSE!!

How about that typo on the video huh? Apparently NBC considers Jim their savior?

"Frame Toby" Two-Minute Replay

DunderMifflin Nov Newsletter

Elevator Etiquette, Jennifer Aniston, Financial Crisis, Missing Crossword Puzzles and Kittens. All of that and more are featured in the November issue of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton newsletter.

Click HERE to read.

Watch "Frame Toby" Online Here

Meredith Posts!

Sex and the Electric City has been updated again!

Dinner and dancing are great, but if you really wanna make my butter melt, here’s the itinerary for an ideal date: 1. Pick me up in a quality American automobile. Call me old-fashioned, but riding the bus on a date just isn’t that romantic. I’m not in my early 30’s anymore.

Read the whole thing right over here at!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frame Toby - Recap & Review

The Office
“Frame Toby”

Original Airdate: Nov 20, 2008

Shannon – TwoCents Staff Writer

Toby is back from Costa Rica (yay!) and to commemorate the occasion, Michael yells “NO!” loudly and copiously. Apparently, Toby has been back for a week but Michael didn’t notice since he doesn’t go in the back part of the office since that’s where Holly used to work. Michael complains to David Wallace, but David is having none of Michael’s whining.

Continue Reading...

"Business Trip" Q&A With Forrester and Einhorn

Writer (Brent Forrester) and Director (Randall Einhorn) of the Business Trip episode of Season 5 have answered the questions of fans in three installments.

Part 1, 2, 3

Honeymoon Plans

Angela and Andy's Wedding Blog has been updated!

Go here to read Andy's thoughts about the honeymoon... if you dare!

Thanks for the update, Paige!

New Office Webisodes Debut Today!

What caused Oscar to lose it at the office? Love? Money? Angela? The staff at Dunder Mifflin investigate:

Go behind the scenes as the cast talks about making the latest Office webisodes:

Check back every Thursday for new webisodes on

Dr. Bob Vance

So what does Mr. Bobby Ray Shafer watch when The Office isn't on? VH1's Celebrity Rehab, of course!

Check out Dr. Vance's suggestions for Gary Busey and the other new patients at the Pasadena Rehab Center on his most recent MySpace blog.

Thanks for the heads-up, Katie!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meredith's back again!

Sex and the Electric City has been updated:

I’ve always had a thing for bad boys and they’ve always had a thing for me. There’s something about a man with a Raiders jacket and an illegal firearm that gets me.

Get all of Meredith's thoughts on dating bad boys here, at

"Bring Back Holly!"

Paige Newman, writer for MSNBC's Test Pattern, has started a one-woman picket line:

"Bring back Holly! Bring back Holly!"

To read her rant about why The Office (and, more importantly, Michael) still needs Holly, go here...

The Answer

Rashida Jones and Natalie Portman have found the answer to the current global economic crisis...

Thanks to Paige for the tip!

Melora's MySpace Blog

While Jan's been out on maternity leave, it seems like Melora Hardin has been very busy. Her most recent MySpace blog announces that she'll be starring as Roxie in the Broadway production of Chicago (see the ScrantonBranchOffice article about that HERE), starting Dec 29th!

Melora is also coming out with a new album with some of her own music, and she and her husband have co-produced/written/directed/starred in a film, You, that will be viewable soon.

Turns out "Serenity by Jan" isn't the only thing she's been working on...

Thanks for the info, Katie!

Greg Daniels Brings Back Rashida Jones!

Ok, so, it's not for "The Office" but for the Greg Daniels led show starring Amy Poehler.

OfficeTally broke the news with a quote from Michael Schur (writer for the new show) that Rashida is indeed on board and will be playing a nurse named Ann - so, can we officially say this isn't an Office spin-off now?

Business Trip - Deleted Scene #4

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Families' Thoughts - Business Trip

Once again the members of the other 4 families of the Scranton Business Park have convened to discuss the activities over at Dunder Mifflin. We are joined by Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, Paul "Cool Guy" Faust of Disaster Kits Limited, W.B. Jones of W.B. Jones Heating and Cooling and Bill Cress of Cress Tool and Dye.

So, without further ado, we present the thoughts of the men who run the Scranton Business Park, sent in directly from them about the "Business Trip" episode.

W.B. Jones' Grade A Badass Review: Talk about the blind leading the blind! Michael is only flying to Winnipeg not Warsaw. You can tell these people have no clue about the on-going financial crisis when Michael has to take Andy to translate??? and Oscar to run the numbers??? If Dunder Mifflin makes a profit this year it won't be because of the Scranton Branch.

"Who is that Monkey?!?!? ....Who is that Monkey !!!???? Most of you know I'm connected....... you also know how much I revere Dwight's salesmanship and commitment to the cause, but one more instance of impropriety by Dwight and Angela and it's gonna get ugly. Andy is a sweet kid, I love him like a brother, and I'm not gonna let this continue at his expense. That's all I'm gonna say for now...

Cress' Convo: Didn't I tell you to leave me alone? I don't have time for this stuff right now!

Vance's View: After witnessing the abject horror of the Dunder-Mifflin clowns abroad in: 'BUSINESS TRIP'; this is a copy of an OFFICIAL VANCE REFRIGERATION MEMORANDUM:
1. There will be NO CRYING during sales calls. Ever.
2. Long Island Ice Teas aren't permitted on expense reports.
3. Use extreme caution in Canada. Do not feed the locals!
4. Intercourse is not allowed on Company Grounds & Property.
5. The first V-R employee that manages to hose down D-M's filthy-little-felon, RYAN HOWARD, with the high pressure washer will get a bonus and a big attaboy from yours truly,

Cool Guy Paul's Cool Thoughts: Coming Soon

As always we have to thank the men BEHIND the men behind Scranton - Bobby Ray Shafer (Bob Vance), Paul Faust (Cool Guy Paul), Barry Sigismondi (W.B. Jones) and Terrence Beasor (Bill Cress) for their amazing willingness to share with us and all the Dunderheads out there!

Hilary Duff - The Next Purse Saleswoman?

On we have news from that they got from MTV. Got all that?

Anyway, as a part of Hilary Duff's new exclusive deal with NBC, she gets looks at new shows, as well as the opportunity to appear on current ones.

""I would love to do something on The Office," Duff tells MTV. "30 Rock is great – very funny. Many people have done lots of guest spots on it this season."

While in Scranton, Greg Daniels mentioned that they were thinking about bringing in some named guest stars (i.e. Carol Burnett as Michael's mother) and the fans booed. He asked if the fans wanted guest-stars who are already very famous and a resounding "NO" was shouted back.

How about you? Would you want to see Hilary on "The Office"?

Read more here...

What If Lee and Gene Stayed With Lonnie and Gordo?

Vanity Fair recently interviewed Lee Eisenberg and some real fun info is in this article.

"VF Daily: How did you end up writing for The Office?

Lee Eisenberg: Gene and I sold a pilot called Lonnie and Gordo, and [The Office executive producer] Greg Daniels got his hands on that.

What was that show about?

It was about two co-dependent magicians who live and work together. We were really happy with how the script turned out, but it didn’t move forward. But Greg read it and liked it enough to meet with us."

Read the whole thing HERE.