Friday, September 26, 2008

Season 5 - Episode 1 - "Weight Loss"

The Season 5 Premiere!
Thursday, Sept 25, 2008

Writer: Lee Eisenberg & Gene Stupinsky
Director: Paul Feig

For the first time, we see what happens over eight weeks of the summer, as a Dunder Mifflin weight loss initiative causes the branch to diet and become obsessed with their weight. Michael (Steve Carell) pursues a friendship with his new HR rep, Holly (Oscar nominee, Amy Ryan). Jim (John Krasinski) misses Pam (Jenna Fischer) who attends art school in New York. Dwight (Rainn Wilson), Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) attend to unfinished business.

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CAST MYSPACE BLOGS: Brian, Jenna, BJ, Angela

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NBC Photo: Chris Haston


  1. For the first time, we see what happens over eight weeks of the summer, as a Dunder Mifflin weight loss initiative causes the branch to diet and become obsessed with their weight. Michael (Steve Carell) pursues a friendship with his new HR rep, Holly (Oscar nominee, Amy Ryan). Jim (John Krasinski) misses Pam (Jenna Fischer) who attends art school in New York. Dwight (Rainn Wilson), Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) attend to unfinished business. B.J. Novak, Kate Flannery, Mindy Kaling, Oscar Nunez, Brian Baumgartner, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith, Creed Bratton and Craig Robinson also star.

  2. Fact: The Office is amazing. Hooray season 5!!!

  3. I second your "Hooray season 5!!!" comment. Just a few more days! I really, really, really want to see what happens with Jim and Pam! She seemed so heartbroken over the lack of a proposal. :( Hopefully that (and so much more) will be resolved in season 5! I'm really looking forward to finding things out!

    I'm also looking forward to finding out who won the Tide To Go talking stain contest! I work for Tide and what we did was ask people to send in their own spoof of the talking stain ad. The finalists are over at and the winner can be seen during the premiere of The Office on Thursday.

    Definitely check those out and let me know what you think! I'd be interested in hearing which one your favorite was/who you think is going to win. Feel free to email me! Especially if you have any questions!

    Mandy Jacobs :)

  4. when do they post episode 1 online?

  5. I gotta say - I watched this episode with two young nieces running around crying, screaming and not going to bed, and I STILL enjoyed it.

    What I loved:

    Jim's proposal. The REAL Andy showing up when you mess with his accapella group.

    Cringe: Michael ripping the tickets. OH MAN!

    Didn't like - Ryan. Poor BJ Novak, he just seems lost.

    What the HELL was up with Meredith's face? I'm guessing that's from the cold open we didn't get to see?

  6. I gotta say I got a baaaaaaaad feeling about that guy that Pam talked to at Art School. I don't like him one bit. If she cheats on Jim with him, I'll kill him myself!!

  7. Wicka wicka wicka what!

    Loved the first episode!

    Loved the sort of softer side of Angela for feeling guilty for cheating on Andy.

    Loved the proposal! Go Jim! And she better not cheat on him with that college kid.

    Best line of the episode:

    Michael: Just put it in your mouth but don't swallow.

    Jim: Really? Nothing?


  8. I loved Holly finally figuring out that Dwight had lied about Kevin being "special."

    And Meridith's face? Looks like a bad facial peel... maybe in the deleted scenes? I think it was used as a tool to show time passing. As if we needed anymore help besides the dates. :)

    Anyway... Loved. It.

  9. Angela just blogged and answered our question!

    "Some of you were confused about Meredith's sunburned face. She actually had a talking head that explained it all. It was very funny, and hopefully you will see it on deleted scenes on"

  10. I personally thought it was the weakest season premiere that the show has had. Usually they're so full of energy! I did love the episode though...especially Holly. She is the BEST idea the show has had in a while. And the proposal was beautiful. :)

  11. “It's kind of a good news, bad news situation.”

    “Weight Loss” Episode Summary
    “The Office”
    Season Five, Episode One

    Dunder-Mifflin Scranton’s newest Human Resources Representative Holly Flax described the status of the weight loss competition within the office this way: “It’s kind of a good news, bad news situation.” However, this is also the best way to describe in its entirety, the season five premiere of “The Office”.
    Most importantly, the good news is that the writers brought “The Office” cast back to THE OFFICE. Unlike the inaugural season, and the couple to follow, the majority of episodes were being set outside of the office. Also, season five began with an episode that for the first time chronicled the summer months in the office for an eight week period. This further reinforced the documentary style of the show which unfortunately had been lacking from previous episodes. Also, though Pam leaves midway through the show for a three-month design program at the Pratt Institute in New York, she did not get written out of the remainder of the episode.
    Additionally, there was a moment that I felt had been a long time coming and also a very sweet moment involving Kelly; a character that I feel really hasn’t gotten her due from this show. In the season five premiere, Ryan returns to the office, once again a temp. In the episode, Ryan asks Kelly to have drinks with him later but she very promptly puts him in his place, letting him know that she is still with Darryl and that they are “like crazy in love”. The sweetest moment in the show came when during one of the office meetings, Michael tells Kelly: “I want you to know. Kelly, look at me! I want you to know that you are beautiful. You are truly, truly beautiful.” This after Kelly’s unhealthy dieting methods came to light. Probably the funniest moment in the episode was when Andy used a little “creative license” with the song “Umbrella” by Rihanna using Angela’s name. Equally, the exchange between Ryan and Jim after Ryan’s “apology” to him was quite humorous.
    However, for as much “good news” as there was in this episode, there was even more “bad news” to be found. The worst of the “bad news” is that Ryan has returned to the office. I will first preface this by saying even from the pilot of this show I have never been a fan of B.J. Novak’s character. I have always found Ryan to be quite cocky and without any justification for such behavior. There is however a much bigger problem that I have with the fact that Ryan has returned to the office. In the season four finale, Ryan was arrested at the Dunder Mifflin corporate offices for fraud. Although, was he formally charged and convicted for this crime? If he was, how are we to now believe that Dunder-Mifflin would once again have him under their employ even as a temp?
    Something else that bothered me with this particular episode has to do with the relationship (if you will) that exists between Michael and Holly. Since the finale of season four, it seems Michael has given up quite a bit of himself for the sake of Holly not being put off by him. Despite his best attempts though, they seem to be in vain, because Holly seems to be enough like Michael that she would not be put off by him anyways. It is however Holly’s similarity to him that I am disturbed by. To be somewhat like Michael could add a lot to the show, but her character as of now is just too obvious. One scene in particular that I didn’t really care for was the one that found Michael and Holly rapping together.
    Another issue that I had with this episode is how quickly a few of the loose ends from the season four finale were tied up. The first of these is when Holly found out that Kevin was that she was lied to about Kevin being mentally challenged. Secondly, there was Jim’s proposal to Pam. Then of course, there was the return of Ryan which I have already discussed. These are all plot twists that could have been carried out for at least a couple more episodes and one that could have been left out of the show completely. So, this episode, much like Michael as he fell down the stairs in his attempt to catch Pam before she traveled to New York fell flat on its face.

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