Friday, September 26, 2008

The Office Conference Room - "Weight Loss"

Welcome back to The Office Conference Room! For those newbies among us, The Office Conference Room is a forum for some of your favorite "Office" Fan Sites to submit their TwoCents in the days immediately following a new Office episode.

Plus, YOU, the fans, can join in on the fun, too! Right now, here on ScrantonBranchOffice, we have a post started for "Weight Loss" where you can give your very own TwoCents about the episode! This will also be a weekly thing!

[Updated: 9/27/08 at 3:08PM]

We start off Season 5 with a little "Weight Loss" Rachel
Favorite Moment: The proposal... I'm a sucker. And I loved Pam's talking head via computer. Oh, and Holly sticking up for Kevin: Priceless.
Favorite Quote: "Math is hard." -Holly to Kevin
Overall Episode Grade: A

Fancy New Beesly: Laura Ann
Favorite Moment: Jim's proposal to Pam. :)
Favorite Quote: "I will be a little fish in the Big apple. Whattup 2-1-2?" -Pam
Overall Episode Grade: C (see comments section)

Flonkerton: Lauren
Favorite Moment: Oh, I don't know, nothing really stood out for me . . . . except maybe The Proposal! I'll admit the pouring rain was a bit cliched, and I know saying it was bit cliched is a bit cliched, but I don't care! It was great television. Favorite moment that's wasn't determined by my fangirliness is Holly telling Angela that Kevin is not an idiot, he's mentally challenged!
Favorite Quote: Jim: But what have you learned about [Holly]?
Michael: I learned that she broke her left leg twice in one year. I learned that she's allergic to sesame seeds. I learned that she has read "Lonesome Dove" three times.
Jim: Nice.
Michael: And that her butt refuses to quit!
Jim: Well, I tried.
Overall Episode Grade: A+

NettesLayouts: Nette
Favorite Moment: There were so many but I have to go with Jim proposing to Pam.
Favorite Quote: Kelly: "I'm on the third day of my cleanse diet. All I have to do is drink maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water for all three meals. Um, I just bought some bikinis online too so... I'm gonna look amazing."

Overall Episode Grade: A+

MTT: Jenny
Favorite Moment: The proposal! I mean, is there any other choice? John and Jenna just rocked that scene, the writers were awesome for creating that scene, and it was shot so well by the crew!
Favorite Quote: Ryan to Kelly: "I was in my mid-20s. I think I still wasn't over 9/11."

Overall Episode Grade: A+

Life in the Office: Donna

Favorite Moment: Kelly's talking-head where she said, "I'm gonna look amazing!" and of course, the JAM engagement
Favorite Quote: "If you can't swallow it, just hold it in your mouth" & "I think I never really processed 9/11"
Overall Episode Grade: A


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  1. Laura Ann (Fancy New Beesly)September 26, 2008 at 1:21 PM

    I liked this episode. I thought it wasn't as over the top as Fun Run was but honestly thought it was the weakest season premiere the show has ever had. There were definite moments where I laughed but nothing that had me on the floor as so many episodes do. I actually had to look up quotes online because none of them stuck with they usually do.

    Best parts of the episode? I am SO interested in seeing this Ryan/Kelly storyline & seeing if Ryan is really a good guy now. I also love the fact that he is, once again, Ryan the Temp.

    Amy Ryan is so adorable in the show & I wish they'd make her a regular. She's a phenomenal actress & probably my favorite part of the whole episode. I love that Michael recognizes her for being a dork & I have a feeling (since she's only slated for 5 episodes) that she's about to get her heart broken. For the first time in the ENTIRE series I don't want Jan & Michael to be together! I am very Team Holly.

    The one thing that really showed me that the show has still retained its genius was the surprise proposal at the end. When Jim stated in the beginning that they were going to wait on an engagement I immediately predicted that they would break Jim & Pam up this season & still lead us on quite a bit more. I had also heard that when there WOULD be a proposal it would be in the rain & I thought,"Really? This is not a Nicholas Sparks movie. It's not Grey's Anatomy. A proposal in the RAIN?!" But it was at a rest stop...and completely adorable & real. I've forgiven the Powers That Be for the cheesy close up of Jim & Pam making out in the rain with their hair in the wind just because it was so well done. :)

    Toby broke his neck? Is he paralyzed now?