Friday, February 20, 2009


After a couple of months, Dwight has finally updated his blog!

When choosing which foods to consume, I generally seek the most nutrient-rich provisions. My rations serve as fuel, which I use to power my complex, highly efficient, ass-kicking machine. I especially enjoy protein-rich foodstuffs full of real down-home flavors: be they salty, gamey, or grizzlish. I've even been known to enjoy goat milk iced cream, which manages to be both salty and gamey!

See what's really concerning Dwight, right over here at Schrute Space!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sex and the Electric City - updated!

Meredith has posted a new blog titled 'Out of Control'.

People who know me know I like to have a good time. And I’ve got the nicknames to prove it: Daredith, Baredith, Affairedith, and The Grateful Red. The point is, I’m known far and wide as a party girl and I’d be the last person to criticize someone for drinking, boinking, or fighting too much. But ever since my friend Patti got out of the slammer, I’ve been really worried about her—she’s totally out of control!

Read more about Meredith's worry over at her blog on NBC.

Pop Culture's Best Couples

And the winner is... Jim and Pam!

Well, really, the new Entertainment Weekly list isn't in an actual order... but we all know who Numero Uno should be!

To see the entire slide show of the 26 True (read: Fictional) Lovers, go here...

Ed and his Banjo

In a new interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ed Helms talks music, fundraising, and picking up girls.

To read the entire Q&A, go here...

Monday, February 16, 2009

TV's Best Husband!

Bobby Ray Shafer just blogged about a new article that names Bob Vance as Television's Best Husband!

Read the article here.

Read Bobby Ray's blog here.

Seems like Phyllis is one lucky lady!

Ryan Started the Fire Video!

Jenna Fischer has posted a video link in her MySpace blog for a great fan vid for "Ryan Started the Fire"!

Watch the video here to see if you like it as much as the cast members have!

To read Jenna's blog, click here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Written about Writers

We've got two articles about two of the amazing writers on staff at The Office for you to check out:

First, Vanity Fair has posted a Q&A with none other than Brent Forrester. To read that article, go HERE...

Second, The New York Times did a feature on writer (and everybody's favorite diversity seminar leader) Larry Wilmore (pictured above with Melora Hardin). Office Fans will remember Larry as Mr. Brown from the episode "Diversity Day" in season one. To read that article, go HERE...