Monday, July 21, 2008

Craig Robinson is there Just For Laughs

The site, Hollywood Today, filed this report about Craig Ferguson and Craig Robinson's performances at the comedy festival.

"Elvira Kurt never slept with Ferguson, despite his buoyant assertion, as he brought her on stage. She came out dressed, as she put it as “a tiny gay businessman.” She gave a scathing dissection of relationships when they reach that point when neither party knows enough to leave one alone.

Craig Robinson of ‘The Office” fame, on keyboard and on cue, seems to exemplify this tendency, by parlaying a single line “take your panties off, into a riotous session of audience participation. As Robinson told Hollywood Today, “The Office made all of this possible. I was here ten years ago and now, I’m playing to sold out crowd. TV does wonders,” he concludes."

Read the whole article HERE.

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