Friday, May 9, 2008

Cool Guy Paul's "Cool Quotes"

Paul Faust, yes THE Paul Faust, has agreed to do an exclusive weekly column for us here at the ScrantonBranchOffice. What did Cool Guy Paul think was well said this week in the "Job Fair" episode?

Here are my top 5 favorite quotes from the episode:

"Wanna get some fresh blood...euthanize this place" - Michael
"Kids are very wary of being lured these days....thanks Dateline" - Michael
"We're gonna ditch this in" - Creed
"Pam hottie....she will do you" - Michael
Yeah..kiss her...kiss her good" - Michael

Check back next week to see what Cool Guy Paul thought of the Season 4 Finale!

1 comment:

  1. Hey, CGP! It's great to have you onboard, and I'm glad to see you doing this column by e-mail. (That's how the Five Families SHOULD have solved the parking problem!)