Friday, May 9, 2008

"Office" Mini Golf!!

You can play a little "Office" mini-golf online now! It's very exciting isn't it? Click HERE to tee-up!


  1. I’m extremely passionate about my mini golf and have attended European and world competitions in my quest to become the greatest mini golf player the world has ever witnessed. However, with countless hours wasted on its not easy is it I have found the course impossible to complete some wise guy thought he would complete an impossible course WHAT A PLONKER.’ It’s not easy is it’ course has turned me against my lifelong passion and is quite frankly an abomination. I have been stuck on a hole surrounded by 3 bobble heads forever more. I hope that user ‘tedbundy69’ will rot in hell.

    1. The 'it's not easy course' is one of the finest mini golf courses i have ever completed. Tedbundy69 is an artist at creating golf courses, and people who fail to truly appreciate a modern artpiece should have both hands removed so they can never taint such a masterpiece again.

      The course itself is a series of orgasmic holes, and at one point I had to relieve myself of the sexual fustratrion that overcame me.

      Kind regards,
      Dr. Vince Scargill

    2. I whole-heartedly agree! This abomination reduced my wife to tears! She was playing her weekly 4 hour session on Office Mini Putt when she began to struggle on a certain course; as a professional Office Mini Putter (founder of the Office Mini Putt Swingers Club [OMPSC]) I attempted to assist her. To my horror, I found that it wasn’t my wife’s retardation which prevented her from completing the course, but some buffoon whom had created an impossible course. She sobbed for weeks despite my comforting. Since that faithful day, we have since separated and I hold ‘tedbundy69’ totally responsible. I happen to have had 3 family members murdered by Ted Bundy and, to be honest, believed he was dead. However, it seems I was wrong. Ted Bundy has ruined my life twice now: first via the love for my family and now, though my last love, Office Mini Putt. I have nothing left to live for. I shall be jumping of the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow. May you die a very painful death Mr ‘tedbundy69’
      -Mr W. Shurshill, 69.

  2. ‘It’s not easy is it’ course was an absolutely incredible experience and truly riveting. I personally cannot stress how much I was on the verge of exploding in my pants while playing this wonderful course. I honestly can’t believe why anybody is criticising this phenomenal course is an absolute disgrace. The hole with three bobble heads was a walk in the park why anybody ever got stuck cannot refer to themselves as world class mini golf players and should never be allowed to compete in regional and global tournaments. Since a very tender age I have devoted my life to mini golf and for anyone to condemn the course is worse than the holocaust.
    God Bless, Mike Hunt

  3. This course gave me a boner