Friday, May 9, 2008

"Job Fair" Conference Room

It's that time!

Some of your favorite Office Fan-Sites have given their opinions on the latest episode. This time we're talking about "Job Fair".

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Favorite Moment: Creed leading the gang to freedom
Favorite Quote: Pam: "I guess I could have just had them fax it to me."
Overall Episode Grade: C

Laura Ann
Favorite Moment: Pam going into the art room to see if they still had her painting up.
Favorite Quote: "Ohmygod! You look JUST like Barack Obama. Heehee! I'm dating Barack Obama!!"-Kelly AND "So many memories in this old gym...pretending to have PMS so I didn't have to play volleyball....pretending to have PMS so I didn't have to play basketball. Lots of memories."-Pam
Overall Episode Grade: B

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was when Andy drove his golf cart into the sand trap!
Favorite Quote: Creed: "Hiya Pumpkin, it's Creed. So we're gonna ditch this bitch. You in?"
Overall Episode Grade: A+

Favorite Moment: Pam and Oscar showing Michael their "excited" faces. Plus the PB&J at the end, but that's just a given.
Favorite Quote: Michael: "Today I'm heading over to the job fair at
Valley View high school to find some new interns. I wanna get some
fresh blood. Um, euthanize this place."
Overall Episode Grade: B-

Favorite Moment: Jim's, "You know what? Screw this!" aand cue the kissing! lol
Favorite Quote: Michael to Justin: "Hey, a handsome, funny, smart, funny-looking kid like you shouldn't limit himself. You could do whatever you want to do. You could be a classy janitor, a cashier with dignity, or a migrane worker. Maybe for you, paper should be more of a hobby".
Overall Episode Grade: A

Get in on the discussion in the comments and click HERE.

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