Monday, April 28, 2008

I LOVE The Office...

Carla C.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

How did I start watching? Oh man, long story... here in Brazil we only recently started getting the show, like about a year ago. I started watching by mistake the Diversity Day episode. But due to lack of free time I couldn't follow the show religiously. I only managed to watch later Health Care and a bit of Booze Cruise and The Injury. Many, many months later (November 2007) I caught a rerun of Casino Night. Little did I know about what was waiting for me. As the episode ended I was standing in front of the TV in shock. That moment I became a fan, went straight to my computer and started downloading the episodes.

Since it's very hard to buy stuff from Brazil I only own season one and two dvds. Nothing against season three just lack of money to buy it.

My favorite characters are:

After I check out the I visit Office Tally, The Northern Attack and Nette Layouts.

My Favorite All Time Moments Are:
- The kiss and confession from Casino Night
- The 27 seconds of silence from Booze Cruise
- JAM kiss from Money

Have I met any of the cast?
Only in my wildest dream and fantasies.

My Favorite Episodes Are:
- Casino Night
- Diversity Day
- Beach Games

From my answers you get it that I became an Office fan because of JAM. It's hard not to be completely drawn to them after watching Pam's head fall on Jim's shoulder and that lovely smile of his that follows. Jim has to be the nicest character on TV ever and I immediately fell in love with his charm. Later I started seeing a lot of myself in Pam and I grew a soft spot for her in my heart. I have to admit that what I love most about the show is Jim's devotion to Pam. What girl doesn't dream of that? I once heard John [Krasinski] say it in an interview that what is so great about the JAM relationship is that the writers keep it real and it's something people can relate to and/or hope for. That's what does it for me.

Later, I started enjoying all the details about the show as a whole. The incredible writing and casting, all the subtext and the psychological depth of the characters specially Michael, the looks and pauses and the interaction with the camera. I could go on forever but I'm at my office and I'm done pretending to work. It's lunch time.

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  1. U go girl! that's what I call a fan. :) cheers from Mexico BG.