Friday, May 2, 2008

Kate Flannery's New TV Guide Blog

"The next episode is called "Did I Stutter?" Stanley (aka the very dry Leslie David Baker) gets into it with Michael. Look out! Written by the very talented B.J. Novak, the episode was directed by Randal Einhorn. For the big Office fans, Randal is our director of photography and our camera man. He and Matt Sohn do the best camerawork in the business, let me tell you. Did you know that they are true documentary cameramen? They have both worked on National Geographic projects around the world. They have also worked on Survivor. They are why The Office feels like a documentary. They are like another character on our show. They are truly what makes our show so different from other fake documentary shows. They are great guys and they do amazing work with unexpected turns and twists! We have to be in character at all times incase we get caught by the camera!"

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