Friday, May 2, 2008

Dwight's Office Org Chart

Do you want to download Dwight's organizational chart he used in "Did I Stutter"?

Yeah, I thought you did! It's simple - click HERE! Or his Emergency Overlay HERE!

Lots to learn here! Tom Peets was the name of the accountant who took his own life. Devon (fired on Halloween) has the last name White. (Devon White is a former Major League Baseball Player). Devon was a suppliers relations worker. The warehouse workers have last names! Lonnie Collins, Madge Madsen and Jerry DiCanio.


  1. I can't figure the orange arrow from Lonnie Collins to Michael out.. And why is Creed Bratton in quotes?

  2. Dwight doesn't think it's his real name. And knowing Creed, it might not be.

  3. the orange arrow is weird as well as the yellow line from Stanley to Ryan. Also the 3 black workers have fists next to their it all connected?

  4. 3 black workers have the fists next to their names to mark that they are black in the same manor as some other signs (for woman, irish, gay, jewish and graduation probably). And the yellow line marks the actual subject of the episode - who's in charge of Stanley. But the orange arrow is really a mystery.