Thursday, May 1, 2008

SBO Exclusive Interview with Terrence Beasor

Sure, Kevin Malone described Bill Cress of Cress Tool and Dye by saying "Bill Cress is super old and really mean." But that's just a character in the "Chair Model" episode of "The Office".

Terrence Beasor, the man who plays Bill Cress is far from mean. He was nice enough to grant a quick interview with us here at!

According to his biography Terrence graduated from the Pasadena Playhouse, U.Mass. Boston, and earned an MFA from Brandeis University. He has appeared on film, TV, Stage and commercials and has also been "heard" in over 300 films and TV shows beginning with the re-voicing of the villian in THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY. He boasts, "I once did a scene with Ingrid Bergman, only she wasn't there." he revoiced an actor in A WOMAN CALLED GOLDA. He has been heard in all of the STAR TREK films, except the first, (mostly speaking Klingon) and was one fourth of the "voice" of the Borg.

Here is Terrence's interview with SBO!

ScrantonBranchOffice: Could you please tell TheTwoCents readers about yourself and how you started in "show biz"?
Terrence Beasor: After getting out of the Navy in 1956 I enrolled at the Pasadena Playhouse. When I graduated two years later, I started looking for work Nine years later I was still looking for work. I had managed to get my first Union card (Actors Equity) by doing a professional production of the "Dybbuk" at the Playhouse.

By 1965 I was in New York doing Off Off Off Broadway theatre for no money but I did find a wife, we married and moved to Concord MA, where my wife, Muriel and I directed community theatre. Meanwhile I went back to school and in 1976 graduated with a MFA in Theatre from Brandeis University. Shortly after that Muriel and I moved West where we settled in Santa Monica, California where we live today.

I found an agent and slowly started working. I supplemented my slim theatrical earnings by working as a bartender. New Year's Eve 1980, Muriel told me I didn't have to work pouring drinks anymore as I was making enough money as an actor. Bartending was no longer needed. Now the only time I pour a drink is for myself and my wife.

SBO: You've been seen in things such as Walk Hard, Scrubs and Chicago Hope, as well as voice overs in many many movies including many of the Star Trek franchise. What path led you to playing the role of "Bill Cress", one of the heads of the "five families" of the Scranton Business Park in the "Chair Model" episode of "The Office"?
TB: Walk Hard, Scrubs, Strange Wilderness, Chicago Hope, the voice of the Borg on Star Trek and a couple of hundred shows and commercials along the way.

SBO: What was the experience like working on a hit show like "The Office"?
TB: Working on The Office ranks up there with the most pleasant experience I have had in my career.

SBO: Do you feel we may see more of the "Five Families" in upcoming episodes?
TB: I certainly hope so.

SBO: What else can we look forward to seeing you in soon?
TB: Currently I have an Aricept commercial running and in the fall another movie. The last time I looked it was named I Know What Boys Like.

A huge note of gratitude to Terrence for taking the time to chat with us! You can check out information about "Chair Model" by clicking HERE. Also, want more info on the Five Families? We have that too! Click HERE.

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