Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why Are YOU An Office Fan?

"The Office" is known as the little show that could, thanks to its incredible fan base.

So, the question that makes sense to be asked is:


Obviously, I'm a fan of the show, but I'm curious why everyone else is.

I'd like to start a series of fan profiles here on to show the world how we all fell in love with the people at Dunder Mifflin. Periodically we'll post the profiles here so we can all share our OfficeLove.

Sound good? GOOD!

You can be like:
Annie L. from Morgan Hill, CA
Adam L. from Murfreesboro, TN
Jenny from Chillicothe, IL
Michelle H from Litchfield, IL
Sydney from Little Rock, AR
Carla C from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Email your answers to these questions:

1. Name (or nickname, initials, whatever)
2. Hometown, State
3. E-mail Address (won't be published on the site)
4. When did you first start watching The Office?
5. Top 3 Favorite Episodes?
6. Top 3 Favorite Characters?
7. Top 3 Favorite All-Time Show Moments?
8. Do you own merchandise, DVDs, t-shirts, etc?
9. What other Office sites do you visit often?
10. Ever have any encounters with cast/crew from the show? (meet them, email them, MySpace message from them?)

Free Form (Essay question if you will): Describe what about The Office has made you such a great fan. Include anything else you want to say about the show.

Ok, I hope we get a great response about this. Spread the word. If you want to email a photo of yourself along with your answers that would be perfection.

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