Sunday, January 6, 2008

I LOVE The Office...

Adam L.
Murfreesboro, TN

I was sitting in a hotel room on a church retreat and happened to catch the "Back from Vacation" episode and thought it was really great. I got home and bought the second season on DVD, and watched it all in like 1 day. Then I knew I had to have more, so I downloaded the whole 1st season, and all the episodes in season 3 up till the vacation one I had just seen. I am now in love with the show, it's probably the best show ever, and I have seen a lot of T.V.

I own all three seasons on DVD and iTunes (sorry writers) and I have my own Dwight Bobble head that sits at my cubicle in my office.

My favorite characters are:

After I check I often go to but thats about it.

My favorite All Time Moments are:
- The long silent pause between Jim and Pam in the "Booze Cruise"
- Dwight and Pam being friends, when Dwight gets a concusion in "The Injury"
- Ryan blows the sales call with Stanley

I have yet to meet a cast member, although I think it would be really cool and I would hope that I didn't freak out to much and hope I had a camera.

My three favorite episodes are:
- Basketball
- Women's Appreciation
- Safety Training

"I think the biggest reason I like the Office, other than being just a great show, is that fans of the show are in, what feels like, a giant club. It's like a fraternity. If you run into a fan on the street, and you speak a totally different language with one other that onlookers just don't get. And I think that is really cool, fans being able to be friends with one another because of the show.
I also think the way the show is filmed is amazing. I think it makes the audience feel like your part of the show, which is why, I think, it has such a strong fan base."

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  1. Welcome to the club Adam! And you are right, we are exclusive and special!