Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rainn Wilson in Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly interviewed Rainn Wilson about the Spirit Awards, Juno and of course how he's dealing with the WGA Strike and being away from The Office.

"Yeah, it was a really lovely break, and it's just turned into a living hell. I just spoke to Jenna [Fischer, who plays Pam on The Office] the other day and we are so ready to go back to work. I feel bad because they had so many amazing things planned for season 4 with Dwight and Angela, and I was so excited to film those. And we may not have a season 4! Period. That may be it. It's a very real possibility."

"Well, I think Leslie [David Baker], who plays Stanley, has taken up rock climbing and Meredith is actually a prostitute now. Steve Carell is a pool shark. And John Krasinski has gone into international diplomacy. So people have stayed very active and are doing a lot of very interesting stuff. I've taken up spelunking. Do you know what that is?"

You can read the full length interview by clicking HERE.

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