Saturday, January 12, 2008

"The Office" on "Friday Night Lights"

As I am sitting here watching last night's episode of "Friday Night Lights" on my DVR, I hear a familiar theme song start playing...

Coach Taylor looks up from his notebook to see his game film has stopped and "The Office" has come on his TV.

Taylor's sister-in-law (Shelly) comes in the room and as a bewildered Taylor stares at her, she has this dialog:

Shelly: "(Gasp) Is that The Office? Oh my God, I love this show, I'm so addicted to it. I was so scared that it didn't tape. Have you ever seen it? It's so good. Actually, I don't know if you would really like it. It's very talky."

Woohoo! I got so excited just hearing the theme song. COME BACK SOON OFFICE!!!

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