Saturday, November 3, 2007

Scranton Story - Street Festival / Autograph Signings

Up bright and early on Saturday morning we head out to Downtown Scranton and back to our favorite parking garage.

Scranton has closed off a few of the main roads and set up a Street Festival which is open to the public. Tents were everywhere, which is good because it was POURING buckets of rain. Our umbrellas were barely holding up to the rain. We sloshed our way down the main road and turned back up another.

Standing there in front of us was the Main Stage all set up for concerts and the ribbon cutting and the Office Olympics. Due to the rain nothing was started yet and so we headed over to the large tents set up for today's registration. Also under these two tents were the Dunder Mifflin Infinity tables, the NBC store and the upcoming autograph tables. We meet up with Tucker still has no passes for us. The color printer just isn't working.

We wait in the line for a long time at the NBC Store. NP needs a poncho and I'm looking at those two-tone Dunder Mifflin hats to help keep the rain out of my eyes. The major problem over here today (aside from the rain all around) is the lack of power in the tents. No registration printing, no laptops for DMI and no cash registers for the store. We finally get power about an hour later and poncho and hat in hand, we head off into the rain to see what else is going on.

We head off down to the food tents of the street festival and see familiar names to the show. Names like Farley's, Poor Richard's Pub and Cooper's. We get some crab bisque in a bread bowl from the Cooper's booth and some potato pancakes from a booth called Nice's. Very tasty on this gloomy day. The Olmpics have been postponed and we can't find them.

After eating up a bit we head back to the registration tent and start to wait in line for the 12pm autograph session. Here is how the autograph sessions worked. VIP were guaranteed one autograph ticket and everyone else had chances to get them. Every hour 2 stars of the show would be at table A and 2 stars would be at table B. We wait in line and NP gets Leslie David Baker (Stanley) and Craig Robinson (Darryl) to sign our souveneir program, she hands it off to me, standing in line B so I can get Oscar and Creed on the program too.

The lines for registration, NBC Store, autographs have now all intertwined under these two little tents and it's a bit crowded. To keep the crowd happy, Craig starts signing mini candy bars and throwing them into the crowd.

As soon as we get our autographs we take off back down the road. We are a few hours away from the Dunder Mifflin Uncommon Stock Holder's convention. It's at the Steamtown Mall, so off to the Mall we go. But that's another story...

Street Festival Photos
Autograph Session Photos

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