Saturday, November 3, 2007

Scranton Story - Uncommon Stockholders / Street Festival (Part 2)

Walking down the street from the autographs towards the mall. It's sizable walk. About half way down the street a trolley stops next to us and the driver tells us to climb on board. He drops us off right at the Steamtown Mall.

We slosh our way in and the entire mall is decked out with Dunder Mifflin / Office stuff. We make our way up to a large open area which has many standups of Office characters. Two tables are set up, one for Froggy 101 and the other to sign up to be a Dunder Mifflin Uncommon Stock Holder. We sign up our names and are awarded our very own, limited edition, stock certificate.

We walk around the rest of the mall and we encounter more of these Office standups all around. Tables are everywhere to sign people up to be the stock holders. The center court is decked out to look like a board room with the cutouts from Registration room behind it. Later in the day they will be having an improv session about being a board meeting. There is already a long line of people waiting to sit and watch this show.

We head up to the food court to find the goal for every Office fan that comes to Scranton. And standing there, like a beacon of Dawesomeness is the original Welcome to Scranton sign that is in the opening sequence of the TV show. They have a booth set up to have your picture taken next to the sign, we just took our own though.

We didn't stick around to watch the Stock Holder meeting because we needed to get back to our hotel and dry out our shoes/jeans. Did I mention it was POURING? After some time with the hotel dryer, we head back to our parking garage and back out to the Street Festival.

Glory! The sun has come out! We can get some pictures that are, as the signage everywhere said, Lackawanna Wonderful. Working our way back up to the main stage we actually see people all around and people performing on the stage.

The Scrantones were doing a concert on the main page and as we got closer we noticed they had some special guests. Creed and Kate Flannery (Meredith) were signing the Pennsylvania Polka for the crowd (watch video).

We head over to the registration tent where Tucker's eyes start to BEAM when he sees us. Our passes are finally ready! The Tim business card goes away and we have our real Corporate ID badges finally. Also, we notice that Andy Buckley (CFO - David Wallace) is walking around the crowd signing autographs. He's dressed in a power suit with his prop glasses, he's just a happy man to be here!

We walk back over to the main stage where the Scrantones are still playing and their bass player looks very familiar. It turns out to be Scott Shriner from Weezer! Very cool.

A HUGE crowd of people are wrapped through the streets of Scranton making their way into the Univ of Scranton for the cast Q&A. But that's another story...

Uncommon Stock Holders Photos
Street Festival Photos

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