Monday, October 29, 2007

Office Convention Photos - Day Two

Street Festival
They had a few main roads closed off for a street festival on Saturday and Sunday. Local restaurants has booths, a local band stage and a main stage were set up and registration, NBC store and autograph sessions were all under tents because Saturday was mostly under water from all the rain!

Autograph Signings
Saturday, again in the RAIN, upper level ticket holders could meet 2 random Office Stars for autographs. Big lines, didn't hamper anyone's spirits at all. And some Office Stars just walked around signing all weekend long!

Cast Q&A
Over to the Univ of Scranton where the cast members and Greg Daniels sat down with thousands of their friends to discuss the show and answer audience questions. Oh, lots of singing and kissing too!

Uncommon Stock Holders Meeting
Over at the Steamtown Mall the fans gathered to sign up for a limited edition stock certificate to own 1 share of mythical Dunder Mifflin. I have mine!

Scrantones Concert
My favorite part of the weekend was the concert Saturday night. A lot of cast members performed with the Scrantones. They had a look-a-like contest too before hand.

Poor Richard's Pub
Where do you go after a rocking concert with Office cast? You go to the Poor Richard's Pub of course! Did you know it was inside a Bowling Alley? Well, it is!

Click HERE for Day One Photos.

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