Wednesday, October 31, 2007

YOUR Convention Feedback

We need to know what YOU thought about the Convention this past weekend!

Answer things like:

- What was your favorite part?

- Who was your favorite actor/writer? Why?

- Did you get to do everything?

- Did you see Keith from TheTwoCents walking around at all, or at the Blogger's Breakfast?

- What can they work on for next year?

- Anything else you want to share!

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  1. I tell ya, my favorite part was that concert on Saturday night. I was SO energized after that. AMAZING!

    I also enjoyed meeting people who actually read my site, in person. What a thrill that was!

    Chatting with cast members, hearing the writers speak, casino night, being in the real Poor Richards, the give aways, autographs, oh so so much!

    Next year - LESS RAIN! :)

  2. My favorite event out of the entire weekend was the Casino Night. Free food and drinks, awesome people to hang out with, great games, prizes to win, and getting to meet and hang out with the cast on the first night! It was amazing.

    The concert was surprisingly awesome, as well! I thought it could have been lame, but I was sorely mistaken. Seeing Brian up there with "the real Scrantonicity" was great.

    I had a blast. Next year, less rain would be nice, I agree.

  3. My favorite part...probably either the Q & A on Saturday night (we couldn't go to the concert though!!) or meeting the cast!!

    I can't wait until next year...less rain would be nice, but truthfully it was totally worth standing in the rain to meet Angela, Phyllis, Melora, Ed, etc... :)