Friday, November 7, 2008

SBO Exclusive With Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey

After yesterday's media conference call with Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms, we were able to follow-up with Ed Helms for some topics that Ed only talked with about.

UPDATE: Angela Kinsey was nice enough to do a follow up with answers to these questions too!

SBO: Scranton is rumoring another possible Convention there next year. Since the first one was such a blast, would you be worried that a second one couldn’t meet that or would you be excited to see how it could be topped?

Ed Helms: I had such a great time at the first convention, if another one happens I have no doubt it will be great. But I wouldn't worry about trying to top anything from the first one. Anytime you get a large gathering of Office fans you're guaranteed a good time, plain and simple.

Angela Kinsey: As long as there are Office conventions I'll be happy. To see our fans supporting our show with such enthusiasm is great.

SBO: As the show has progressed from season to season, the ensemble characters have really had the ability to flesh out their characters. What are some of your favorite characteristics that you’ve been able to really focus on with your characters?

Ed Helms: Andy has grown more and more complex as the show progresses and that's really fun for me as an actor. He started off fairly simple - anger prone and generally obnoxious. But lately we've seen a more tender, vulnerable side of Andy. He has put his heart and soul right out on the table for Angela which is beautifully earnest and compassionate. I just love riding that line between obnoxious and sweet, its a potent cocktail.

Angela Kinsey: I love that our writers are constantly exploring our characters. It gives us all such depth. Discovering my character's crazy love for Dwight has been such a treat. And of course now she has many layers in this love triangle!

A HUGE thanks to Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey for spending a little extra time to answer these two questions that we thought the Dunderworld would want answered!

Click HERE to read about the entire media conference call from earlier in the day.

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