Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vance Refrigeration's New Penguin is Named...


That's right! Bobby Ray Shafer blogged about it on his MySpace page:

"The winning entry was submitted by Mr. Rob S. from Studio City, California. And this is what he had to say when informed of his magnificent, cunning triumph: "I am such a winner! I so totally deserve it! WOW! There IS justice! Man, right now, I love me some me!" Mr. S. also gave us this insight in regard to why he chose his inspired christening: "First of all, it rhymes with lots of stuff. Then, you got your whole "P"alliteration deal, the Shakespeare connection, AND as another bonus, the hockey thing; you could give hockey pucks as promo items, VANCE REFRIGERATION. WE GIVE A PUCK..." Mr. S. also told us that: "I think I was able to get INSIDE Bob Vance's head a helluva-lot better han the rest of the people in this contest who are now losers.""

Now, I'm not one to spoil mystery, but I know a certain Mr. Robert Shafer who lives in Studio City, CA......

Read the whole blog HERE.

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