Sunday, January 27, 2008

SAG Awards Tonight!!

Don't forget, our first chance to see the crew from Dunder Mifflin all together again happens tonight at 8PM EST on TNT as the cast heads out to the Screen Actors Guild award show.

It's the only award show where we may see actual awards being handed out, and it's usually one of my favorite because it's where the actors salute their own! It's like voting for senior superlatives in the high school yearbook.

Click HERE for the nominations The Office has.

We will be updating through out the ceremony with Office news as soon as it is announced!

If you've never seen the SAG awards before, they have people sit at tables like at a wedding. It's not done in a huge theater like the Oscars are.

So, who is sitting near The Office? Well, according to USA Today:

"Some of their placements are playful - Ricky Gervais, who starred in the British version of The Office and is nominated for his role in the current Extras, will sit next to NBC's The Office crew..."

You can read all about the seating HERE.

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