Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kevin.. oops I mean BRIAN...Blogs!

That's right! Since his first days in MySpace Brian Baumgartner has blogged as his Office character "Kevin Malone".

But the times, they are a changin'!

"For over 2 years... 27 months to be exact... I have written a blog here on MySpace from the perspective of Kevin. It started out as a way to bring publicity to the show. (When the show NEEDED all the publicity it could get!) Then it was fun. Really fun. People seemed to enjoy it. And even as Jenna and Angela, et al, decided to bring in their own voices, I decided to stick with this being from Kev. I mean, there were plenty of other cast members writing about the "behind the scenes", so you could go to them to read that. I wanted it to be fun. That Kevin Malone was still sitting at his desk at Dunder Mifflin, and talking about what happened week to week. Sure, He gave insight into award shows and special appearances (ala Scranton), but always from HIS perspective.

Well peeps, that had to change. With the writers strike entering it's 13th week, I have been having a hard time writing about anything from Kevin's perspective. This was not a "Pencil's down" thing. This was a ... what exactly do I say? How can Kevin plausibly talk about the writer's strike, and maintain he was still sitting at his desk at Dunder Mifflin?"

Read his entire blog, which is really well written, by clicking HERE.

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