Sunday, January 27, 2008

John Krasinski on

Here is video of John Krasinski being interviewed by Lisa Rinna.

Ok, so, maybe it's not really an interview, because if I had to guess Lisa was drunk before/during this interview. I have to hand it to John for making the best of this situation.


  1. Poor John. The real time interview was really painful to watch and the second time is just awkward. He's got a lot of class for only looking at the camera once, for a nanosecond at the end, like "what!?" before he left. Why do the award shows only hire models/idiots for the pre-show interviews? I mean, she couldn't even learn to pronounce his name and she had no idea how many times he was nominated (I'm sure she had no idea what the nomination was for). Isn't that pretty much Red Carpet 101? Anyway, YAY CAST O' THE OFFICE! Best Comedy Ensemble. Of course. John, you had the last laugh.

  2. John could not have done any better. He was such a pro. He just went with the flow. Now that is just one talented guy. Oh and good job with the unexpected high fives. He got his hand back up right befor she was going to slap his chest. Nice reflex John. I love that John said somthing like how it is going to be online and is going to get alot of blogers seeing this. or whatever. He was perfect.

    GO JOHN!