Monday, January 21, 2008

Jenna Fischer Blog - "Me and David Spade"

Jenna Fischer has posted a brand new blog on her MySpace page in which she sends lots of fun little notes to us fans.

The first is one of many rumors...

"Over Christmas, I saw a report in Star Magazine that I'm dating David Spade. Imagine my surprise as… I'VE NEVER MET David Spade! What a milestone! My first TOTALLY 100% UNTRUE tabloid report! I've always been very cynical when I hear celebrities say that a story is fake. I figure SOME part of every story must be true right? NO WAY! I have no idea how they are allowed to get away with stuff like that! My publicist said that no one ever called to check the facts of the David Spade story. Which seems strange to me. I have a minor in journalism and I was told to never run a story without 2 reliable sources to back it up. But, while we are on the subject, some other people I've never met are: Orlando Bloom, Colin Farrell, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Brad Pitt. Maybe I can fictionally date some of those guys too?"

Make sure you read her P.S. at the bottom. PHEW!

Read it HERE.

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