Monday, September 3, 2007

TBS Repeat Schedule

While on TBS, I also found its schedule, through October 10th, of the repeats.

Office: An American Workplace, The-Pilot Tue. September, 11 at 10:00 pm

Diversity Day Tue. September, 11 at 10:30 pm
A consultant arrives to teach the staff about tolerance and diversity but Michael insists on imparting his own knowledge. Meanwhile, Jim struggles to keep hold of a lucrative contract extension.

Hot Girl Tue. September, 18 at 10:00 pm
When an attractive woman, Katy, comes to the office to solicit her purses, all of the male staffers vie for her affection. Pam struggles with whether or not to be jealous of Katy's attention.

Alliance, The Tue. September, 18 at 10:30 pm
Michael arranges a morale-boosting birthday party for Meredith and is determined to come up with the funniest message in her card. Dwight wants a pact with Jim to fight the downsizing, and Michael regrets showing off when Oscar asks for sponsorship for a charity walk being undertaken by his nephew, who has cerebral palsy.

Basketball Tue. September, 25 at 10:00 pm
The office staff play a basketball game against the warehouse workers in which Jim shows off to impress Pam and upstage her fiance who is on the opposing team.

Health Care Tue. September, 25 at 10:30 pm
Michael doesn't want to upset the staff so he gets Dwight to pass on news about the company's reduced health provisions. Fed up with his nosiness, Jim and Pam pretend they are suffering from a variety of conditions including Ebola, Mad Cow Disease, spontaneous dentohydroplosion, hotdog fingers, nano-robot infection, and Count Choculitis.

Dundies, The Tue. October, 02 at 10:00 pm
After the annual staff Dundies awards is redlined by corporate, Michael is uncertain if he can produce the calibre of evening his staff have come to expect. Pam meanwhile develops second thoughts about her engagement to Roy while watching video footage of old Dundies award nights.

Office Olympics Tue. October, 02 at 10:30 pm
While Michael and Dwight are out of the office for the day trying to close a deal on a new condo for Michael, Jim and Pam arrange for the staff to participate in an "Office Olympics," where the workers play strange, invented games that they usually play while the boss is out.

Fire, the Wed. October, 10 at 10:00 pm
The Office is forced into the parking lot for the day when a fire starts in the kitchen. To ease everyone's boredom, Jim suggests a game of "Desert Island" and "Who Would You Do?," where certain staff members reveal a little too much information about themselves. Throughout the day, Michael talks business with Ryan, leaving Dwight feeling left out.

Sexual Harassment Wed. October, 10 at 10:30 pm
Michael is forced to abide by the companies new sexual harassment policies all the while trying to entertain his vulgar "BFF" Todd Packer.

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