Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An Interview About Nothing!

So, Entertainment Weekly has a funny interview with Angela and Rainn.

Now, the website says "Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey celebrate their season three DVD release by interviewing each other--hilariously" but unless you listen really carefully you may miss any mention of the DVD.

But - all that said - they were right - it is hilarous! Especially Rainn's little song about Angela's cousins.

The video is HERE.


  1. That was TOOOOOO funny! Thanks for blogging that!

  2. I love this funny video!
    It is so cute! Those two seem like they are such good friends! They crack each other up like High School Buddies! I wish I could have a fun job like they do where friends can play around and cut up all day! I need to work there!

    Thanks so much for the heads up on the video.

  3. Wow! They are SO funny!! I wish I worked on this show! How much fun would that be?! And I really enjoyed the cousin song... ;)