Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some Office Convention Speculation

Ok, grab the nearest grain of salt and take it with this information.

I don't doubt this info is good, but it wasn't given to me officially from anyone in the Convention Committee but it was given to a good source of TheTwoCents.

Here are some tidbits for you:

- "[Greg]Daniels and NBC are behind the convention all the way."

- "They thought about bringing everyone, cast and crew, out for a week to shoot on location and participate in the convention. But that comes down an HR issue. The convention is during the the actors' vacation week from the show. He can't force them to come out. Convention organizers thought vacation week would be the best time to snag a few cast members. Well, many of them have plans to vacation, hang with family, be on Leno, etc. Attempts to get "headline" actors continues. They will pay if they have too."

I think that is a GOOD sign, we didn't really expect every to show up - did we? But I think ANYONE there would be awesome, and it's apparent they are willing to pay to make that happen. That combined with the actors love for their fans could sway even more. The events themselves will be very fun, celebrities from the show will just make them all that much better! Happy additions if you will!

- "The NBC store will be releasing all sorts of new Office swag at the convention."

Again, how cool is this? We could be among the first ones! The source hints at a special item which I won't totally give away - but we've been hearing rumors about a 'friend' for Dwight on our desks haven't we?

- "Bottom line: expect a great time, regardless. Stay tune to the the convention web site. More details will be emerging."

So, I just wanted to put this stuff out there to help set your expectations. The excitement is that the Convention is still pushing hard to get as many actors as possible and I think a lot could still happen with that! I have a good feeling about it. Just don't expect it to be like when Angela and Brian came out and hung out in Scranton all weekend - I doubt we'll be sitting down with John Krasinski or Jenna Fischer for a beer at Poor Richard's.


  1. i just want to see what scranton is like. does that make me odd?

  2. It's gonna be so much fun! I can't wait to take the tour around all the famous places and take lots of pictures.