Monday, September 3, 2007

Celebrate the Workplace!

Found a cool Labor Day article from the The Oregonian!

"On this Labor Day 2007, we find the American workplace in a precarious condition. Technology is erasing old jobs even as it creates new ones. Workers are forced to be flexible, as the economy lurches through manic highs and depressive dips. Outsourcing, downsizing and disappearing pensions are part of our daily stress diet.

But you know all that. And it's the last thing you want to be thinking about today, on what -- if you're lucky -- is a precious day off.

So think on this: How is it that "The Office" can take such angst-inducing realities and turn them into the funniest show on television? Not only that, what's striking about the NBC series' Season Three DVD (in stores Tuesday) is seeing how this sitcom has become something more than clever wage-slave satire. With an almost total absence of sentimentality, "The Office" is a celebration of the tiny workplace moments that, without our realizing it at the time, add up to some of our most significant relationships."

You can read the full thing HERE.

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