Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Office Episode Guides at ScrantonBranchOffice.com

Remember those moments of silence on the Booze Cruise? Remember Jim getting hit in the nose by Roy during the basketball game? Did your surge protector get stolen? Do you suffer from Hotdog Fingers? Did any of the hot girl's purses look good to you? Did you get your e-vitation to Jim's BBQ? What place did you come in during the Fun Run? Have you celebrated Valentine's Day, Halloween or Christmas (twice) with your friends in The Office? Do you have Hunter's CD? Ever go all in on Casino Night? Do you wake up to the smell of bacon? Did you pick Michael to beat Dwight in The Fight? Did you do the fire walk? What did you bring to the desert island? Were you driving by the rest stop when Jim proposed? Who was your partner on the sales call?

We have now listed a ScrantonBranchOffice episode guide for every episode of The Office. News clips will be linked as history continues at SBO and we want your input all throughout! Go find your favorite episode and tell us WHY it is. Or go leave some favorite quotes on the post for certain episodes. Whatever you want - share with us. Just like those in Scranton - we're a family here! Simply click the Episode Guides buttons (like those pictured here) down the right hand side and get started.

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