Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Employee Transfer" Writer Q&A - Anthony Farrell


"Anthony Farrell, who wrote this week's episode "Employee Transfer," is taking your questions! Submit your questions below about the episode, the characters, and/or the writing process. All questions must be submitted by 12 PM PT/3 PM ET Monday, Nov. 3rd. The more informative and imaginative questions will be answered by Anthony in an exclusive video to be posted on "The Office" website next week!"

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  1. Why was this episode so horribly written? Why include filler like athat cringe-inducingly uninteresting Jim/Pam storyline with some Razzie-award-worthy acting from Jim's brothers? Why include a recycled, un-funny, and redundant rivalry between Andy and Dwight? Why ruin a greatly developed storyline by making the transfer of Holly from the office such a side-note (covered in a talking head segment clearly written exclusively to answer some lingering questions like "why doesn't she or Michael just quit" and to lazily summarize the situation)? Sure, Holly had to be written out, but why do this so blandly when the creation of the relationship was anything but bland? It's about balance here. These are genuine questions. More episodes like this and "cancellation" looks like a good possibility. :-/ A shame.

  2. With all the spot-on Big Red details in this episode, I'm dying to know: Who from "The Office" writing staff went to Cornell? Or, does someone just have a (presumably insufferable) relative/friend who went there? Don't make me Ask Uncle Ezra...