Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Office" Spinoff is Reality!!

It's April 2nd - so this can't be a joke. NBC released the following information:

NEW YORK – April 2, 2008 --NBC announced today that the most coveted time period of the coming season, the post Super Bowl slot, will be used to launch a spinoff of the network's hit comedy series, "The Office." Immediately following NBC Sports' coverage of Super Bowl XLIII, the network will first present an original episode of "The Office," followed by the debut of the new Greg Daniels comedy. The Super Bowl has been perennially the biggest television event of the broadcast season and was watched this year by a total audience of more than 148 million viewers. Giving this new series that coveted premiere slot will afford the show tremendous sampling from all demographic groups.

Greg Daniels, Executive Producer of "The Office," said, "Who would have ever thought that Americans would be subjected to a mock-documentary after the Superbowl? What has happened to this country?"

From Greg Daniels, the Executive Producer of the Emmy Award-winning American version of NBC's "The Office," comes the most highly anticipated comedy of the season in "The Office" spinoff. Audiences will follow another comic journey, complete with new faces and new locations, but with the same unique sense of humor and brand of quality from Daniels and his creative team. It's the next chapter of what viewers have come to know and love about "The Office."

In response to an evolving media marketplace and the changing needs of its advertisers, NBC Universal has created a more innovative, client-centric approach to its traditional Upfront presentation. It will include the announcement of a year-round programming schedule in April; a series of one-on-one client meetings in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago; and a spotlight event on May 12 that will showcase the full scale of the NBCU offerings in a unique, multi-media, interactive environment that will allow advertisers to experience the broad spectrum of marketing opportunities available within the company. The new Upfront process allows NBCU to continue its "customer-first" approach, while working to create new advertising models, define more effective metrics and provide a better return on its clients' investments.


  1. I feel weird..... cuz I was certain this was an April Fool's hoax when I first heard it. In fact, I even did an April Fool's prank the day before stating just this same "fact" that NBC was coming out with an OFFICE spinoff! Then I posted the words "APRIL FOOLS" afterwards and kinda mentioned that my suggestion of any spinoffs was just a spoof!!!

    So now that my internet friends are hearing from other channels that there really is such a deal in the works......they're coming to me saying..."Which is it Bobblehead? True or False!"

    What timing eh?

  2. The writing and the chemistry of the cast of The Office I doubt will be rivaled in the spinoff, but I hope they can pull it off.