Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kate Flannery Blog - Nights and Daze at The Office

"The scripts just get funnier and funnier. This past week we' worked with Jeff Blitz directing. Jeff directed the "Convict" episode from last season, remember? He is an Academy Award winner for a short film he did in 2007. We have the best directors. Our show's exec producer, Greg Daniels, said he should submit this new episode for an Academy Award. Now, we all know you can't submit a TV show for an Academy Award. (Creed just explained that to me at the water cooler.) Awards are weird. We have the fans to tell us how important we are. I have two SAG Awards on my mantle, for Best Ensemble. The show won an Emmy for Best Comedy last year. The producers are the only ones that get to keep the Emmy. Steve Carrell has won a Golden Globe for playing Michael Scott, but he hasn't won an Emmy for it yet. He is so talented. It is baffling."

You can read Kate's entire TV Guide blog HERE.

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