Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"The Office" Loses Carell To Films

Entertainment Weekly's guru of gossip, Ausiello, has reported today that what we all feared has happened. Steve Carell seems to be on the way out of The Office.

"NBC sources are confirming to me that Mr. 40-Year-Old Virgin, has opted out of the rest of his contract with the show. The source also mentions that we have already met his replacement. Andy Buckley, who plays CFO David Wallace has had more of a presence on the show because it was apparently a test to see how audiences reacted to him."

To read more details, go to EW by clicking HERE.

What do you think about this? Will this drastically change the show? Leave your TwoCents below.


  1. Must be an April Fool's joke... right?? :(

  2. oh god i didnt even remember that today is april fools day, i was about to cry

  3. Doesn't matter, we Office fans have switched from NBC over exclusively to Japanese Game Shows, so there will be little impact!

    .....APRIL FOOLS BACK AT YA!!!! is your very scary April Fool's message!
    Geez! I almost had a heart attack!


    Good one!

  4. BHG!! Nice to see you here man!

  5. That was a disgusting joke.

    But thank you for your April Fools Day spirit!

  6. Horrible attempt at a joke.

  7. BTW, Of course we Office fans need no explanation who Steve Carell is, but entertainment writers always feel the need to explain that Steve is the "40 Year Old Virgin Guy". So that little line you input into your fake "EW" message really sold it. That made it believable and made my heart stop.
    Opted out of his contract? Whew! Scary!

    Good one KP! Now... how can we get you back?


  8. Thanks KP! It's great to be in here!!