Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ricky Gervais Loves Season 1 and 2

Don't we all??

Here's a piece from a Q&A he did with the Chicago Times.

"Q: Have you watched every episode of the American remake of "The Office?"

A: I've probably watched every episode of Series 1 and 2, but now I probably watch one in three. I watched two on the plane this time of the last series.

Q: Your version only ran 12 episodes. This season finale of the U.S. "Office" will make it 100 episodes total. Does having an open-ended series hurt the storytelling?

A: It makes it more difficult.When you've got a finite arc, it's by definition more conclusive. You get out on top. The love story alone is hard to keep going. Will they, won't they? Yes they have. That's the end of that.

But they haven't been a slave to the realism or the fake documentary either, which you can't be, because you're thinking, "Why are they still filming there? Why is there a film camera following him on the bus?" That was the single most important thing for us, because it told us why the characters were acting like that. And ours was much more about characters thrown together. And this is more a traditional sitcom than ours ever was."

Read the rest HERE.

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