Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stress Relief - Recap & Review

The Office
Stress Relief

Original Air date: 1 Feb 2009

Shannon - Two Cents Staff Writer

Dwight sets the building on fire because no one paid any attention to his Power Point presentation of fire safety. Dwight ends up trapping them in the office and chaos ensues. Stanley has a heart attack from all the stress.

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  1. Dwight sets the building on fire because no one paid any attention to his Power Point presentation of fire safety. Dwight ends up trapping them in the office and chaos ensues. Stanley has a heart attack from all the stress.

    Dwight gets reprimanded by David Wallace. David tells Michael he has to take responsibility for Dwight’s screw up. Michael is taking over as safety manager.

    Stanley’s doctor says he needs to have a more positive attitude at work or he’s going to die. Andy presents Stanley with a wheelchair on his first day back. Stanley thinks he’s definitely going to die. I think that’s a fair assessment.

    Michael sets up a CPR training class. Michael focuses on the fact that the practice dummy has no arms or legs, of course. Then Dwight cuts the face of the CPR dummy and is forced to give a formal apology to the office. Then everyone has to sign a form saying they received the apology. No one will sign. He tricks them into signing the forms anyway.

    Pam and Jim watch an illegally downloaded movie with Andy in the break room. That’s where Jack Black, Jessica Alba, and Cloris Leachman come in. Jack Black and Cloris Leachman make out in the movie and that’s essentially all it’s about. I kind of feel gypped from that. I mean, it’s lame and a little disturbing.

    Pam’s mom and dad are having a rough time. Pam’s dad is staying with Pam and Jim. Pam wants Jim to talk to her dad. Mr. Beesly is leaving Mrs. Beesly because of what Jim said to him. Pam is mad and wonders if Jim is going to do that to her during their marriage. Really, Jim told Mr. B how he feels when Pam comes in the room and how much he loves her and it turns out Mr. B never felt that way about Mrs. B. It’s sad, but sweet.

    Michael sets up a relaxation session in the conference room. Stanley has a thingy that beeps when Stanley’s stress level goes up. It beeps profusely every time Michael comes close to him. Michael realizes he’s the stressor.

    Michael wants to hold a roast for himself. He wants to make sure Youtube comes down to tape it. Get right on that, Michael.

    At the roast, Angela jumps right up with some “If you ever ____, you might be Michael Scott” and they’re actually quite funny. Meredith says Michael is why she drinks, Oscar rants in Spanish, Toby isn’t even allowed on stage. Dwight reams him. Pam refers to the time she walked in on Michael naked. She said “it” looked like an iPod shuffle. Andy sings a roast song to the tune of “What I Like About You”.

    It’s actually pretty heartbreaking because Michael took everything personally, just like I knew he would. Michael takes the next day off work to feed the birds bread in the park that aren’t there because they’ve all gone south for the winter. Michael comes in and does a speed roast of everyone in the office. Stanley gets a huge kick out of his and starts laughing hysterically. Everyone has a good time.

    What’d you think? Were you upset that the guest stars didn’t interact with the office staff? I’m pretty disappointed by that, actually. My husband says it would have been contrived, but if it’d been done right, I think it would have been quite funny. It’d definitely been funnier than the pointlessness of that movie subplot line.

  2. The movie subplot was pretty stupid, not to mention gross, but I can forgive it all for that AMAZING cold open! How awesome was that fire drill?!? And did you notice the opening credits? EVERYBODY is listed now! Yay!

  3. I agree, the show could have done without the movie subplot. I think this episode, edited down to a "supersized" 40 minutes, would be just about right.(That's my opinion on most hour-long Offices.)

  4. Rachel - I did like the cold open a lot! The cat part alone was worth the cost of admission. The opening credits were a nice added bonus. I don't usually watch them because I DVR the show, so I wasn't for sure if it was new or not.

    Bob - Yeah, I agree with you on most supersized episodes, but this one for sure.

  5. I thought the cold open was some of the best, if not THE best, ensemble stuff they have EVER done on the show. I think Michael's return at the end was some of the best Michael stuff ever. I think JAM showed us the love again. I think Dwight was back to who he was - arrogant and RIDICULOUS to prove it. I thought the roast was great. However, the Movie with the stunt casting of the real stars kept it from being a top 5 episode.