Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Office - Recap & Review "Business Trip"

The Office
“Business Trip”

Original Airdate: Nov 13, 2008

Shannon – TwoCents Staff Writer

Michael is super excited to go on a business trip to Canada, while Jim is counting the days until Pam comes home from art school. Kelly and Ryan pick up where they left off and Angela almost gets caught with Dwight. Wow, for my first Office recap, this one’s a winner!

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  1. The office staff is keyed up because Pam’s coming back in a week. Everyone is eyeballing Jim and giving him looks. Jim’s so excited he can barely pull of his aloof cool guy persona. It’s adorable. The bad news? Pam failed a class and has to retake it which means 12 more weeks of New York for her. As she’s telling him this, Jim is dangerously close to crying. Pam does cry.

    David Wallace feels bad for transferring Holly to a different branch thereby putting Michael in a funk, so he sends Michael to Canada for a business trip. Andy and Oscar come along for the ride. Michael sits in business class while Oscar and Andy are banished to coach, but as Michael finds out, there’s really nothing special about business class but the leather seats and the blindfolds. The flight attendants still abuse you with the drink cart in first class.

    Is Ryan the new Michael? He starts doing push ups in front of Kelly to impress her. She says that don’t impress her much, but next thing you know, they’re making out on her desk and then Ryan convinces her to break up with Darryl by text. Darryl texts back that it’s cool. Ryan, I think, didn’t expect it to be quite so easy and that sucks all the poaching joy from him. They get back together and Ryan doesn’t seem nearly as happy about that as I think he thought he’d be. Kelly is delighted, but of course, it doesn’t take much to make Kelly happy.

    At the Winnipeg hotel, Andy and Michael meet with the concierge, an attractive gal named Marie who speaks perfect English. Michael so wants to rebound with her, you can see it all over his face. Andy subtly asks where she’ll be that night and they end up running into her later that night. Michael talks to her and keeps saying “how you say” as if she doesn’t understand English. The odd part is that he’s speaking English the entire time. Michael and Marie get drunk and make out in an alley and go back to, what I assume is her apartment. Apparently, she kicks Michael and his shoes out. Ouch. Michael mopes for the rest of the trip including during the meeting that they were there for in the first place.

    Andy and Oscar get drunk and talk about Angela. Oscar asks Andy how he can stand her. Andy drunk dials Angela to ask why she won’t “do” Andy. We hear Dwight in the background. The next morning, Andy doesn’t remember drunk dialing Angela and he starts freaking out. Uh oh, she’s dropped him back to first base which is just forehead kissing. That Angela’s such a tease! Oscar and Andy bond. It’s kind of cute. Andy deems Oscar “delightful”. I hope we see more of those two together because I really like them. Andy seemed less doofus-y and Oscar seemed like a fun person and, dare I say it, delightful. Oscar smiled, for pete’s sake. I believe that may be a first on this show.

    Michael calls to pretty much ream David Wallace for sending Holly away. Then he hangs up on David. Eek! I thought the first rule of employment was never slamming the phone down on your boss.

    Pam decides to come back to Scranton after all. She says she didn’t like graphic design. She says she didn’t come home because of Jim but we all know she did and that’s perfectly ok with me. I’ve missed Pam just as much as Jim, I think.

    Best lines of the episode:

    Meredith (on the airport shuttle): I know my way around a van, and that is just a van.

    Michael: A concierge is the Winnipeg equivalent of a geisha. This is a woman who has been trained in the fine art of fanciness and pleasure. And when you meet one it is intoxicating. Just what the doctor ordered.

    All in all, this was a pretty good episode. We got some resolution with the Jim/Pam situation and we saw Michael finally giving it to David Wallace for needlessly breaking up the Michael/Holly dynamic. Andy and Oscar were magic together and I hope the writers continue to use that in future episodes. Maybe one of these days, Andy will get wise to Angela’s shtupping Dwight. Maybe.

  2. Great review, Shannon! I loved it when Dwight was pointing out the problems with Pam's painting of the office building and then at the end when he asks her to make 5 copies - they were in the parking lot! Great episode. I can still do without Ryan's character.