Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kate Flannery and Creed Bratton Save a Beach has reported on Kate Flannery and Creed Bratton helping the Earth...

"Unlike her alcoholic character Meredith on “The Office,” Kate Flannery is happy, healthy and has something to look forward to. The fourth season finale of “The Office” airs Thursday and a week later, she’ll appear as a talent scout on the season premiere of “Last Comic Standing.”

“All I can say is it’s going to be a monster,” she told about the “Office” finale. “So many unexpected things happen in the finale, it’s so good. I did have some really fun scenes with Rainn (Wilson) so it was really, really fun. No bats or anything in my hair, but yeah, some really great stuff.”

The show was made all the sweeter after the writers’ strike that lasted three months.

“I think everybody was super-grateful (to return to set). “We all realized that this is probably going to be the greatest experience that any of us have ever had ever. We all won the lottery.”

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