Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Office Conference Room – Heavy Competition

Welcome back to The Office Conference Room, a forum for some of your favorite Office Fan Sites to submit their TwoCents in the days immediately following a new Office episode.

In addition, YOU, the fans, can join in on the fun! Right here on ScrantonBranchOffice, we have a discussion going about the most recent episode, Heavy Competition, where you can give your very own TwoCents! To visit that forum, click HERE.

On to the Conference Room... where we’re experiencing some Heavy Competition!

[Last Updated: 04/18/09 at 11:15 AM] Rachel
Favorite Moment: The cheese puff cold open and close... they must have had a total blast filming all of that!
Favorite Quote: "I spent a month putting that Rolodex on his Blackberry, which he now uses as a nightlight." -Pam
Overall Episode Grade: B+

Bears Beets Battlestar Galatica: Liz
Favorite Moment: Jim throwing his lunch on the ground and kicking it.
Favorite Quote: "It's like a girl says she'll make out with you but her boyfriend's waiting around the corner with a pee-filled balloon." -Michael
Overall Episode Grade: A

Office News: Jackie
Favorite Moment: When Jim kicks his lunch and stomps on it with anger. The look on Andy's face is priceless.
Favorite Quote: "I got hit in the face with a pee filled water balloon" -Michael Scott
Overall Episode Grade: A

Bob Vance Fans Unite: Diane Sparkles
Favorite Moment: Andy coming up with the cost for performing at Jim & Pam's wedding.
Favorite Quote: "It's not a dress code, it's a death sentence." -Dwight
Overall Episode Grade: A-

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