Thursday, October 2, 2008

Photo Essay: Pranks by Jim

What are your favorite Office pranks pulled by Jim? The classic "stapler-in-Jell-O" from Season 1? How about vending Dwight's office supplies on Booze Cruise? Or the melt-down-inducing "Rockin' Robin" phone placement in the ceiling tiles? Poor Andy! Entertainment Weekly has compiled a wonderful photo gallery of their top 16 Jim pranks. What a great trip down Prankster Lane! To view the gallery, click here... and leave your personal favorite in the TwoCent comments section!



  1. I think it's gotta be the 2 Dwights!

  2. Being a huge Joss Whedon fan, I loved the convincing of Dwight that Jim was a vampire. That episode also holds one of my favorite Creed moments of all time, when Dwight asked him to fashion a stake and he opens his drawer just full of all kinds of scary implements and asks "How big?"

  3. I like the desk in the bathroom trick. The best part is how Dwight still answers his phone when it rings and reminds Kevin to wash his hands.